Wednesday, September 08, 2010

big MAC.

I'm the Mac daddy (um, momma) now that I have my nifty new computer. Say what? That's right. On Saturday I decided my dino-computer that maxes out at 30G of space wasn't enough to edit pictures on. (If you're a photog client, no worries, I also edit images on my desktop. And I can put at least 50G of info on that...ha ha...but really. PC's bite.)

So I ran down to the BYU and purchased the MACbook PRO. I was so excited, my face may or may not have looked like it was ready to explode by the time I handed over my money. (Insert excited squeal.)

Have I used it much since then?
Um, no. Talk about major let down when I got home. Apparently the computer doesn't come with all the programs I'm used to using: Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Excel,, wait. I didn't mean that last one.
See, a MAC only comes with weirdo MAC programs that my PC mind doesn't know how to use. I feel as useless as my neutered dog Bubba. Not only did I fork over a ton of money to ride the MAC train, I also have no clue how to use the thing.

I guess what I'm really saying is I'm more of an impotent Mac Daddy (momma). At least for now.

May the MAC be with you.
luv, erin


Maman Pélissié said...

Laughing so hard at "the rest of the story."
Guess how long it took me to take my Mac out of the box... almost 9 months.
Then I even bought, "Mac for Dummies." (I can hear the Erin snort from here!)
Now, I can't live without it! :-)

Weight Family said...

LOL- Impotent like Bubba huh. So funny... good luck with your impotency.

Shari said...

I love my Mac. Go online and they have tons of tutorials and if you have a Mac store close by you can probably get one to one training. Don't be afraid to just get on and play around, Mac's always ask before they let you get rid of something. So go to Mac and check it all out!

Jordan and Jandee said...

believe me you will never go back....I did install word on our mac, and of course CS4, but other than that you will not miss anything from your PC. Apple for life in our house!

tammy said...

Wow. So there's finally something I know more about than you.......

p.s. Love my Mac!

i'm erin. said...

Shari, Thanks for the tip. I'm heading over to their site now. I need to figure this thing out.

and Jandee, I have cs4 on my computer, can I just uninstall it there, and put it on the Mac?

Leash42 said...

You should sign up for classes...$99.00 for one year and you can go as many times as you worth it...thats what I did when I bought my Macbook thing I ever did...

Unknown said...

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