Tuesday, August 31, 2010

INTERN : what to wear

Here on my ghetto Summerill Surf you'll notice a lack of consistency. Random posts about whatever comes to mind. But things are changing peeps. I recently acquired me an Intern. Frankly, I feel a bit like Kramer. It's awesome and I'm sure my intern is learning lots. Maybe not about Photography, but certainly about being ADD, obsessive compulsive, and a true lover of PG (my home town). (On a side note, some may say that love is better categorized as agoraphobia. Bah! What do they know? They probably don't even fill their drinks at Harts.)

After meeting with Intern a couple times, I decided she's a true inspiration. So this weekly Tuesday spot is dedicated to her and all things Internish. Enjoy.

Have you ever had a deep love for a particular clothing item? Say sweats, or a comfy shirt. I have, and I think that love is something to be embraced. Even celebrated. Young kids these days don't seem to get that. Take for instance Intern.

Lesson 1: What to Wear

On Wednesday Intern meets with me for the first time and I explain to her photography work flow. She seems interested and even takes notes. I feel brilliant, and particularly snazzy because I got dressed, blew out my hair, and wore a shirt that I bought 2 months ago. Ever since purchasing it, I've had a love affair with this shirt. It's comfy, nice, and striped. So maybe I wear it. A lot.

On Friday Intern comes by my house to attend her first shoot. We sit in my office and prep the camera bag. Intern seems particularly interested.

"Um," Intern says. "Did you know that you wore that exact same outfit on Wednesday? Pants and shirt."

I look at Intern. "Yep."

Intern's face screws up into a mask of confusion. So I explain. When you wear the same outfit again and again, it fits like a glove. You don't have to do laundry very often. And people will recognize you for your style. It's the best.


Kahilau said...

Ha ha ha! How about calling it "What not to say INTERN!" ha ha

Fullmer Family said...

That is awesome! I wish I could be your intern! Of course you'd be the one telling me "Do you know you where those same dark blue sweats everyday!!" Ha ha! Hopefully the intern will bring more blog posts... :)

Stacey said...

I love you Erin! Plain and simple!

Weight Family said...

Intern: "Do you know you wore those teal sweats like 5 years ago?"

JoMamma said...

Thank you for that. I often feel lazy for wearing the same clothes day after day, but you have inspired me that it's style.

kellieanne said...

What about when someone makes the same comment but you aren't wearing the exact same thing, it's just that all your stuff looks the same?

Just SO said...

Just wait until your intern gets a look at your teal sweats. Maybe you can get her to darn them for you ;)

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