Thursday, July 29, 2010

garage sales, uniting the world.

Saturday rolls around and my body flips into Go mode. And that's 'G'o for Garage sales. I'm like a supa' nova, Garage-saling, queen bee. Don't mess with me and my deal, baby. I'm all over that fifty cent (please pronounce fitty, as in fitty cent the rapper) pair of jeans that one of my beasties will wear as a pair of new school pants. I know what you're thinking. I'm cheap, right?

Well, you're dead on. I so am. And I love it. I hone in and seek out a bargain at a garage-sale like my dog sniffs the rear-end scent of the next door neighbor's she-Lab. I'm focused. Determined. And I'm not easily distracted.
So what does that get me?
A whole ton of good stuff. In fact, recently I've been bringing my buddy Celia along for the hunt. We've redecorated her daughter's room in two Saturday's of shopping and spent less than you could buy curtains at Target. (I know this because we went to Target to buy curtains and they were ridiculous-expensive. Then again, they could be normal priced, but my perspective is skewed because of my yard saling addiction. Whatever.)
Anyway, my point is garage sales bring people together for not very much money at all, connecting someone else's junk with random strangers. For all I know, I could pick up a handy-dandy piece of Tupperware and by it for $1. (That's a good price at a yard sale). Well, that yard-saler could've purchased it new, or at someone else's yard sale. And if that's the case, then the person before them could've done the same.
So you see, it's like the whole six degrees of separation thing. We're all connected. We're all sharing and using the same junk...well, at least I am. And that makes us like family. Well, almost.
That's all I got. Just a deep thought that popped into my head while I sat editing for hours on end and listening to Glee music.

har har. So true.

luv, erin


tammy said...

You are beyond gifted in this area. I want to hire you as my personal garage sale shopper. Interested?

JoMamma said...

I'm a little sad reading this post. I remember a time when I was your garage sale friend. Sniff Sniff...

Misty said...

I love hitting the yard sales too! My last weeks find was a little table with two chairs for my toddler.. five bucks and its in great shape! The chairs alone are $15 each at IKEA! SCORE! I get pretty excited about getting awesome deals too. Oh, and I got a Tupperware veggie tray with lid for 50 cents. Whoo hoo! lol...

i'm erin. said...

Oh Misty! Dang. That's exactly what I'm looking for to put in my family room. urg. You got it before me.

You're killing me.

JoMamma, you better get on my garage sale train again. Lest I never see you again.

Tammy, I'm so in.

Peggy said...

Can I join you in the hunt? Cuz you really are the queen bee. No, seriously. Can I?

kellieanne said...

Garage sales are awesome. The problem I have is it's just like shopping. You know, that think you do when you have something on your mind you would like to buy and go hunting for it. I so hate doing that. I wish I loved garage sales and shopping in general. It would really help me out.

The Webb's and the boy's! said...

Your so hilarious all of the time, I love reading your blog, I love yard sales too :>

Unknown said...

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