Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Checklist.

1.  Get up in time to get the kids off to school.  Dang, did anyone else have a issue with the whole time change thing?  Mark called me at 8:30 and I was dead to the world, still sleeping, all cozy in my bed.  I had to rush down, wake the kids and send them to school with a handful of dry cereal.  Great mom, right?

2.  Laundry.  Again.  We potty-trained Teddy a year ago, but for some reason, the kid's still peeing the bed at night...every night.  I tried just not having him wear pull-ups, in the hope that maybe he'll wake up while he's peeing and realize, hey, I should do this peeing thing in the toilet.  Did he?  No.  Has he ever?  No.  Have I washed a lot of peed clothing and bedding?  Yes. 

3.  Edit more photos.  I love this.  I do it daily for hour on end, and the kids know if they're looking for me to check the office first.  Is this a little pathetic?  Maybe.

4.  Beg for your help.  I have 'pre-paid' for the hugest, coolest, metal mural at WPPI.  I''m going to use it for my Bridal Show booth.  But the thing is, I can't decide which picture to use...because my favorite shot is not always the one I  probably should use.  So, here's the thing.  I shot super cool Nettie, a great lookin' gal, last night...and I wanted to use her on the metal mural.  (when I say mural, don't think lots of's just one image cut up over one giant metal poster-ish thingy) I put the shots up on my photo blog.  Can you go there and vote for one please? 

5.  Go get screaming Teddy out of the tub. 

Have a manic monday too.  Luv, erin

P.s.  I didn't spell check or grammar check because it's 8:55am and one of those days.  Feel free to critique.


Weight Family said...

I LOVE Nettie, I too, am having a not so hot Monday... blah.

Kristina P. said...

I hate spring forward with a passion. It usually takes me two weeks to recover.

Kristine said...

Erin, you make me smile. Thanks for making my lame-o Monday seem okay.

JoMamma said...

So did you make it to church on time on Sunday? Sorry my husband almost ran you over last night.

Melony said...

Yes...the time change sucked. Majorly. Your story about your Monday was very similar to mine and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday...oh wait - we were sticking with the time change excuse. (But really, the time change WAS a problem) going to vote..hope I'm not to late!

Unknown said...

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