Thursday, March 18, 2010

IN the Works : Mark's the Man!

Mark likes to make things.  Yes, I'll totally admit loud and clear that I'm a dang lucky wife to have such a handy (and let us not forget HOT) hubby.  So, when I approached him a while back ago about creating frames for my full-wedding packages, he was all over it.  I don't even think that covers it.  He was like a kid at Christmas time.  So here's what he whipped up for me . . . and he can for you too (well, at a reasonable price)

He's had quite a bit of success in orders from my photography clients.  So finally I said, why don't you start a little frame business.  And voila, here's Mark new business:

So Framed
(website coming soon)

Here are our first 3 styles in a variety of colors. 
(8x10 Coal Black)

(2'x3' Corkboard Roasted Pepper)

(8x10 Sage)

(11x14 Roasted Pepper)

Frames can be ordered in any size starting as small as 8x10 (print size).  They are non-glass frames and are perfect to show case a professional print, canvas, or textured print.  They come with Sawtooth hangers and are ready to hang.  Pricing starts at $39 for 8x10.

If you are interested in a frame, you can email me.  We use paypal!


Kristine said...

Those ARE awesome! Dang! Mark is so good at so many things!

tammy said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!! Amazing job Mark!

Maman Pélissié said...

Saw them last night! They are STUNNING!

Leslie said...

holy talented framemaker! Those are amazing! That's it - you guys are moving to Washington so you can not only take our photos on a regular basis but frame them and decorate our house, too!!!

Sara said...

Gorgeous work, those frames are just beautiful. I'll have to keep that it mind if I ever need a big, custom frame...

Jenny said...

wow, those are amazing. so talented!!

Weight Family said...

Those frames are hot, you have a super talented Mark.

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

ok those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I may want some.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

These are stunning!

Julianne said...

I don't think you guys do anything shoddy. These frames are seriously gorgeous. I'm already dreaming of where I'll hang mine! (I'll email you about my order as soon as I have it finalized.) ;) Way to go, Mark!

Anonymous said...

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