Thursday, January 07, 2010

Words cannot express...

 . . . the sorrow and sadness I feel, and in turn the overwhelming urge I have to grab my children, hug and kiss them and tell them how much I love them. 

Over the last couple weeks my dear friend, Natalie, and her amazing family have been struggling with the illness of their youngest son.  Today I found out that sweet baby Gavin passed away. 

There is no words that can fill the void the Norton family must be going through.  I can't help but think of the sweet spirit Baby Gavin has and also, the amazing person he was named after.  When we lived in Hawaii and became friends with the fun and spunky Norton family, that friendship also included Natalie's younger brother, Gavin.  A year or so after we met, Gavin passed away unexpectedly.  As I'm sure you can understand, that was a hard time for Natalie and her family.  

Then when she named her fourth son, Gavin, in memory of her brother I thought it a perfect fitting way to celebrate life.  It is now, with deep heartache that I express my love for the Norton family and pray form them during this loss that they're suffering.  

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and I know that one day Natalie and her sweet baby Gavin will be reunited again.  God has a plan for us and a purpose. 

Take the time today to hug and kiss and love on all your children.  Life is short, make every moment count.


tammy said...

Oh, Erin! I just saw that Gavin was born the same day as Jackson--my heart is just breaking for his family! I'm hugging right now...I think I would just die if my baby left me!

Sara said...

I'm fighting back tears right now. My Gavin is turning one today, and it is just heatbreaking to think that your friend is mourning the loss of her baby Gavin on the day we are celebrating the birth of ours. I have a friend whose little 3 year old is fighting for her life right now up at PCMC with severe pneumonia. Someone else I know almost lost their 2 month old baby girl last week, and she just barely got to come home from the hospital. All around us is the battle of life and death and I fear it. I fear that someday, it might be my turn.

When I was pregnant with Brad, I was so blissfully ignorant. It didnt' even occur to me that something could go wrong. (And luckily it didn't) But then, when he was 7 months old, my best friend found out that the little girl she was pregnant with had Turner's Syndrome and a cyst on the back of her neck that would kill her. Sarah had to wait for 6 weeks for Josie to pass away, and then give birth to her, stillborn. It was absolutely devastating, and suddenly, I realized these horrible things aren't stuff that just happen to other people. They happen to people you love. They happen to you. I was suddenly afraid - why did I think I was immune to receiving such a trial? We were enduring infertility at the time, and I thought that would be my trial. Then we finally got pregnant! We saw the baby's heartbeat, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then the unthinkable happened. When I went in for my next checkup, my sweet little angel baby had died, without any sign. Without me knowing. I was sent home to give "Birth" to my own silent baby.

We finally got our little Gavin over a year and half after that. But since then I have known two young children that have died, and now your friend's little Gavin. I am terrified that is my next trial. I can't even imagine the agony she is enduring. Our prayers are with her. And I also pray that none of us will be called to go through this trial.

I'm sorry this is so long. I'm just devastated for her. If your friend would like to talk to other mothers who have gone through what she is enduring right now, my friend Michelle (who lost her little boy a couple years ago to an acccident) has a huge support group I could put her in contact with.

As I celebrate my Gavin's birthday today, I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Sara

Kahilau said...

Amen sister!

i'm erin. said...

Sara, that was so beautiful. I'm feel so devestated for Natalie and her family.

JoMamma said...

It frustrates me that I need reminders like this to appreciate my kids. Gavin's family with be in my heart and prayers

A. said...

Oh no! I saw Rachel posted a link to their blog the other day and I read their story. I was praying for a happy ending. I'm so sorry to hear of their loss. :( Losing children is like losing a part of yourself.

Their family is in my prayers tonight.

Nikki said...

So sad! I cannot even comprehend the pain of losing a child.

Shari said...

Isn't it a blessing to know that though our precious loved ones are not with us for a time, families are still forever.

Kayleen said...

Keeping them in our prayers! Thank you for sharing this information with us. I wrote a little note on her blog from seeing your post on fb. Anyone can tell your friend Natalie is an AMAZING woman filled with faith and love of the gospel. My heart goes out to her sweet family at this difficult time!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

This is truly a beautiful post. I have set up a paypal account on my blog if you know of anyone who wants to donate to them or if you want a paypal button let me know

renae said...

i went over to read after reading your post, and i was moved to tears. my heart just breaks for her loss. i hope & pray that she can find comfort and the peace that only our savior offers.

Haley said...

Saw the link to your freind's blog on facebook. Soo sad. I know I will hold my own kids a little closer tonight. said...

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