Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Fit Tip Mania

Normally this time of year rolls around, and I get caught up in the hubbub of fall parties for my kids at school, snagging a few bags of Halloween candy and munching on them, and pulling out all my 'winter' recipes. And when I say 'winter' I really mean recipes loaded with creamy fatty goodness.

Fall for me is a love hate relationship. I love all the celebrations, but I HATE the weight gain. So, what do I do?

Well, in the past I've tried everything from limiting myself to eating treats only on the weekends, or writing down everything I eat. Both have worked, but sometimes they've also made me a little cranky. I recently was talking to a friend who has been successful in losing quite a bit of weight. She mentioned that she eats a little of what she wants and then puts it away. Nothing's on the No list. She just leaves it at that, just a little.

hmm, interesting. Can I do that? We'll see. I think I'll try it out this week and let you know.

Ask the Audience: What do you do to around the holidays? Feast or famine?

4 SPLURTS: said...

I totally feast....I may have to try that too! Sounds like a good idea. I have promised myself a new present if I don't eat any chocolate at Hee Haws this year...last year I gained 5 lbs from all the treats! YIKES!

big8smiley said...

I do what your friend does and it totally works. If I CAN'T have it, then I totally want it and go overboard. I prefer to be able to have some, at least. So, I have some in small amounts and that's it. If it's a tasting table, I grab a small plate and when it's full, it's full (and not full like falling over the edges full) - NO SECONDS! I've taught myself to be satisfied by trying it, but not gorging on it.

My favorite treat is dark chocolate and I keep it in the fridge. I am allowed to have 2 squares/day - no more. It really works to give me that fix when I need it.

Carterista said...

Well...that would depend on how I "feel" when I see the food. If I'm happy, I eat it. If I'm sad, I eat it. If I'm tired and I can, I take a nap. (Love naps.) But if I can't I eat the food then find more to eat. Haha.

Occasionally, I'm not in the mood to eat. I used to eat anyway, but now I make myself look away. The more I eat the more I want. No need to eat just because it's there.

Unknown said...

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