Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shooting Erik Bayles

I have often said in the past that Erik Bayles is my Arch Nemesis! He is the bane of my existence. The devil in my Prada.

Ok, maybe that's going a little to far. But though I've sworn at him in Church, and had nightmares that he was my history teacher, I have to admit that I love love love his family.

Thanks Bayles family for letting me shoot you! ha ha ha, snort.

Shanelle, you are a knock out! holy crap.Ah, sweet Danielle, next time you leave early I won't talk to you for months.
Parker, way to go kiddo!

oh, I love little Miss B's eyes. She is lovely.


JoMamma said...

Very nice pictures

Junior and Marissa said...

So Erin, never got ahold of you to send you a baby shower invite so I'm doing it via blogger! Anyway, it's going to be this wednesday the 24th at 7 pm. It's going to be at my neighbor's house but I don't have an ivite on me to give the adress. Mine is 2317 N 1000 W, we live on a culdesac so if you find our house you'll find the shower. Oh, you'll want to call me or mapquest cause it's difficult to find, everyone manages to get lost. Hope to see you there since it seems like showers are the only time we ever see each other!

Nick and Emily said...

i thought i was the bane of your existence. glad to hear you hate someone more. ha ha ha.

Haley Hale said...

Oh my word! I cannot believe how big those boys are! They are adorable!

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