Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am sad.

Michael Jackson passed away today. I am sad. I just hung up the phone and dropped my chin to rest in my hands.

Just over 10 years ago:

I saved my money, the little that I made working as a reference desk clerk at the BYU-H library, and I purchased a pricey ticket to Michael Jackson's concert. Sure my ticket was in the nose bleed section, where, from my point of view, Michael looked no bigger than an ant, but I didn't care. I was thrilled just to be there.

Halfway through the concert, when the security relaxed, a few friends and I rushed down level after level until we were three rows from the front. A mom and her son stood and left just as I approached. The guards we evaded earlier were honing in on us, so I plunked down with one of my friends as fast as we could...and sad to say, let the others fend for themselves. (Come on?!? what would you have done? It was Michael Jackson)

The rest of the concert was beyond belief. Utterly amazing. To this day, I'll tell you to your face that it is and was the greatest concert I have ever attended.

Simply put, I love Michael Jackson. I am sad he passed away. I hope he will find peace . . . and maybe a little of his younger more attractive, pre-surgerized, less-haole, looks.

WARNING: If you say anything degrading, or blatantly rude about Michael on my blog, consider yourself NO LONGER as good of friends with me as you thought you were. (MOM, this includes you!)

GRIEVING: Since this is a hard time for me, I am accepting donations in the way of Hart's or Walker's 32 ounce diet Pepsi drinks. Tip: Mix 1/8 diet mt. dew to 7/8 diet Pepsi.


Kristina P. said...

I think it's sad, but I'm not heartbroken. I think that it's often hard to remember the man he was, and the man he became and all the problems and weirdness he's had.

He was a great talent, though.

Peggy said...

I have to say, you were the first person that I thought of when I heard that he died.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Kristine said...

You were the first person I thought of too. I know he'll always be alive in your heart. :)

partypatt said...

This is Jesse's mom Pat. I loved Michael Jackson too. Whatever flaws he had were probably brought on by his father's behavior and being famous so darn early but I don't want to dwell on those. He was an AMAZING talent!

JoMamma said...

I have been in shock. This is sad.

A. said...

Wow - if you are this greived over Michael, I can only imagine what it will be like when your BFF Long Duck Dong kicks the bucket.

Seriously though... I was shocked when I found out. He was so young! ALthough, in many ways it seems like he'd be older since he's been around forever. While at the same time he never seems to age from 35 in my head. He is definitley a legend that will be missed.

Honey and Hotstuff said...

My dearest Erin,
I was in the bank today when I heard that your beloved MJ passed away. My thoughts are with you in your time of grief. Cause I'm talking 'bout the man in mirror! Billie Jean was not his lover, but if you wanted to be his baby- it didn't matter if you were black or white. He just wanted to heal the world and make it a better place... for you, me and the entire human race. Making a better place for you and me.... do remember the time??? He was bad! Bad! you know it! and the whole world has to answer right now! Who's bad? The smooth criminal! He wants to rock with you! (all night)! you knocked him off his feet! and always remember: You got to starting something and Don't stop till you get enough!
Rest in Peace Michael Jackson!

i'm erin. said...

honey, that was the freakinest coolest tribute ever!!!

Robyn said...

I do think that it is sad, but like Kristina, I'm not heartbroken. He was great in the late 80's, and ever since then I have to say that while I have for the most part enjoyed his music, he himself has kinda freaked me out. That aside, he was an extremely talented performer. Thank you Honey & Hotstuff for a great tribute, that was very creative.

Nikki said...

I just read about it on msn news and thought about you. But I checked your blog before calling. lol It always seems like a couple celebrities die within days of each other. And I actually thought when I read about Farah Fawcett, "Who's the other famous person that will die?"

Finn and Tracey Family said...

i am sad too, and i immediately thought of you when i heard the news.
i also hope that he finds peace. his legacy and his influence will live on forever.

i am sorry to say that i will not be donating to your grieving funds, but i will give you a shoulder to cry on and hold your hand if you need to talk. : )

Finn and Tracey Family said...

p.s. love that tribute post! that rocks!

A. said...

Honey - that was awesome! I loved it. :)

Nikki - the trifecta. Celebrities die in 3's; Ed McMann, Farrah, and now MJ. Weird. said...

I'm sad too. I think next week we should have an "All Michael workout" at aerobics. I LOVE it when you play his tunes!

Junior and Marissa said...

Just to let you know Tavita is in mourning with you. No matter how tired or sick that boy may be, put on some MJ and he can't resist but to bust a move!

Just SO said...

I'm taking a moment of silence for you and MJ.

big8smiley said...

I mostly feel sad for him. He had a crazy life and I'm sure a very lonely life. I would never want to live how he lived!

Molly Malia said...

i went to his history concert at aloha stadium with my mom... it was the BEST concert i had EVER been to!

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