Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Story of my Life

Chaos. Crazy, wild, spinning out of control-that pretty much sums up my day to day life.
For instance, I get a phone call on Thursday morning from my life-long chum, Bobbi, informing me she's coming into town. HOORAY! Since she lives in the foreign world of Missouri, it's not very often that I get to see her. I was elated.
Needless to say, on Friday, I called her and said, "Hey let's play today. I need to go to BYU for the young adult literature book sale, wanna come?"
Then she was like, "for' shiznit!" ...ok, not really, but she did need to go to Provo and since I was going there it didn't take much to convince her to hop along with me.

After rushing around in the morning to help another friend prepare for their perfect yard sale, I met up with Bobbi just after one. Take in mind, I needed to be at BYU promptly at 2:15 and I also had just promised a friend that I would pick her up too. After loading up the kids and picking up Bobbi, we rushed over and picked up Tonja. Time was running short, so I stepped on it...so to speak.
We arrived at BYU precisely at 2:15, with not another minute to spare (DANG, I'm good!)

After shopping briefly, loading up on excellent YA fiction, I checked the clock. We had precisely 16 minutes to meet up with my cute cousin Jarom, load the kids in the car, and haul Bobbi to where she needed to be at 3:00.

No Sweat!

We rushed out, met Jarom along the way and piled into the car. As I pulled out of my parking spot, I immediately noticed my van was not driving so smoothly. WHAT THE? I jumped out and found a FLAT TIRE.

Quickly, I unloaded the kids, Tonja, my cousin Jarom and Bobbi. I called my mom to run Bobbi to where she needed to be (now only having 7 minutes left to get there) and I proceeded to empty out the van in search for the spare tire and the jack.

Here I am working hard on changing the tire...he he he.
Here I am, jacking up the car and breaking a sweat.

Where are the kids during this entire shenanigan? Oh, being watched under the shade of the oak tree by my lovely friend and photography co-teacher, Tonja.
Here's Jarom taking a lesson from me on how to properly change a tire.

And of course, when I was done, tired, and sweaty, I decided we HAD to stop at the BYU creamery for a cold treat. Thank you Teddy and your one-eyed pirate wink for perfectly catching the moment.

And such is a day in the life of me and my crazy family...


JoMamma said...

I need you to teach me how to change a tire. You are a pro!

Ipo said...

Having a camera to document your crazy family life is fun! And next time don't work so hard changing that tire, I'm afraid you'll pull a muscle or something.

Jason, Tiffany, and the Crew said...

Erin you are hilarious...I LOVE the pictures of you "fixing" the flat tire...seriosly I am laughing so hard. How fun you got to see Bobbi, wish I could have been there to laugh at all the the chaotic moments! Good Times! love, Tiffany

Bobbi said...

Woah! Who's the grandpa doing all the work? You didn't tell me about him! Seriously, where did you find that guy? And why wasn't he at the Creamery on 9th?

Leslie said...

Hey - didn't you work at a tire store in Orem once upon a time? What a crazy daY! I hope you bought me some fun new books!

Just SO said...

Was this before or after you noticed that the tire was low the other day?

You rock at changing tires!

holmesfam.blogspot.com said...

I love the modeling/changing tire poses....that is how I would fix a flat tire too! At least you guys got a good treat in the end!

renae said...

you are just too much. your photo captions are priceless!

big8smiley said...

Wow! You taught him really well. Did he teach you to stand like that, too? I'm glad you can both be there for each other. What a crazy day!!

A. said...

You are HILARIOUS! I love the pictures of "you" changing the tire. I was noticing the looks on teh faces of the people in the background. hahaha! What must they have been thinking to see you posing as your tire is being change. hahahaha!

Marcie said...

Erin, you look rockin' hot in your posing pics! For reals! :)

sanaejames photography said...

you crack me up...seriously.

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