Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Fit Tip Mania...The BEattitudes

BE-Attitude- Be Forgiving.

I have heard this a thousand times over. "I'll start to eat good, but then I'll have one bad day and that ruins me." Why is that? To be pointedly honest, I am the queen of this. Guilt. Frustration. Defeat. These are all emotions that hold us back from our goals. And because of this, a minor slip up (or a major one) can send us reeling off track from our goals. So much so that it can point us in the opposite direction. Have you ever set off to lose weight, only to end up gaining a few pounds? It isn't unheard of . . . no, in fact it happens quite often.

How do you get past that cycle? Simple (well, simply enough said) BE FORGIVING. You have to get over those times that you've let yourself down. Minute by minute this needs to be done. Don't procrastinate that forgiveness to the next day. Too many times I hear, "OK, I slipped up today, I'll start again on Monday." That is what the evil Fat Goddess wants you to hear. Kick that Chunk Butt Fat Perpetrator that sits whispering no good nothings on your shoulder TO THE CURB. If you want to reach those goals, feel great for the summer, look rockin' in a pair of capri's, then FORGIVENESS now, for that brownie you just downed will keep you from eating the rest of the pan.

You need to tell yourself. "Oh, well I slipped up, I am just jumping back on track RIGHT NOW!"

ASK THE AUDIENCE: What do you do when you have a big slip up?


Just SO said...

Honestly I usually beat myself up and think that I'm never going to lose the weight so why try. I'm trying to be better at saying "Okay I slipped up that's no reason to throw everything out the window."

Ashleigh said...

I'm a total all-or-nothing dieter and I'm trying to be better about it. Thanks for the thoughts & motivation :)

Ipo said...

Spiral out of control, get depressed, keep chanting the 'I'll start on Monday' "evil Fat Goddess" chant, hate myself, try to figure out what I need to change, and end up a slave to my weaknesses. From this comment, it should be apparent where I am right now in my health goals...

A. said...

What do I do when I slip up? Hmm... Let's see... I eat as MUCH chocolate as I can, since I've now considered my slip-up the demise of that day, and I want to fit in as much other bad stuff the same day before I start new the next. :) Guess I should re-read today's fit tip. :P

JoMamma said...

What do I do.... I GET BIGGER PANTS. Ha ha ha

Carterista said...

Revel in my fatness and tell myself that I don't really mind being fat. I know, I'm a big, fat liar! :)

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