Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting the Shaft?

Have you been trying to call me only to find my phone answer to my voicemail? OK...don't answer that.

Have you been trying to call me in the last couple days with no success?

YES, I HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE...this time.

I was at the D.I. (where else would I be, and shouldn't all my stories start like that?) and I tucked my cell phone into the pocket of my pants. After finding the cutest pair of old navy shorts, I entered the dressing room, tried them on and then left. Within 10 minutes I was summoned to customer service. I rushed over to see what the hubbub was about and found the customer service attendant holding out the phone.
"Your mom's on the phone."
My mom? I picked it up, said something like, "Mom!?! WHAT?" (I was busy finding great deals). She informed me that she'd just called and someone, who was not me, answered my phone, said something rude, and then hung up. After she called a bazillion times more, the person evidently turned off the phone.

NEEDLESS TO SAY: The person never brought the phone up to customer service...they just STOLE it! Low-down, dirty, rotten, no-good, cell phone thief!

POINT OF THE STORY: This time, if you are calling and I don't's not because I am screening calls or avoiding you, but because I HAVE NO PHONE!


Just SO said...

Unfortunately the I can totally see that happening at the DI. When I was there last time someone stole a ladies purse out of her shopping cart. Stoopid thieves.

Kristina P. said...

What a crappy situation! I hope that they are using it for an emergency.

Weight Family said...

Are you serious?! What a LOSER to steal a cell phone... seriously! You didn't get it back? Oh I hate that. I am angry for you... I would be SCREWED without my phone, and now you have no numbers (I can barely call home without my phone). Oh man, sorry that happened to you!

PS- How in the world did your mom know you were at the D.I.?

Robyn said...

If I didn't know you I would think that most of your stories are completely false. However, since I do know you, I totally believe this. That sucks. You really have bad luck with phones, don't you?

Leslie said...

So insane! There is so much other better stuff to steal at the DI than a lame phone!

Okay, seriously that's a crazy person to take it and even crazier to answer it the first time it rings. Are you sure it wasn't Christian? Maybe he was trying to phone for a rescue- ha ha.

Ella said...

Erin, that is the best yet!

Mariko said...

My phone broke over a month ago.
I did finally order one in the mail, and that one didn't work. So I sent it back.
I think that was 3 weeks ago.
It's strangely satisfying to be phoneless. But annoying too!

Carterista said...

That truly stinks. You need to stop putting your phone in pants that aren't yours.
Should we all start calling the phone relentlessly? We could tell that fool to leave the phone at the front desk of the PG library...OR ELSE!!!

Nick and Emily said...

it dang well better be an emergency that the stinking thief stole your phone for. what a jerk.

big8smiley said...

I can't believe you didn't get it back! I HATE people who steal. Seriously, I HATE THEM!!!

Crystal said...

THATS HILARIOUS! but that sucks at the same time! sorry to hear about that!

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