Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do You Live In Washington? Wanna get SHOT?

Hey, here's the heads up for a great photography shoot!

Moses Lake area, April 12 - April 16th

If you would like to book a great photography mini-session with me for half the normal cost, then email me at:


How Much Will It Cost?
The charge for the 30-45 minute mini-session will only be $95.00.

What Exactly Will I Get?
You will receive a DVD of 30-40 HIGH-Resolution Images, a signed copyright release for you to print where ever your heart desires, and a DVD slide show to view on your home DVD player...and to shamelessly share with all friends and family.

When Can I Expect to Get It?
Your images will be sent to you by mail within 6 weeks. If you would like them faster, you have the option of paying a 35.00 rush fee...then you can have your images back within 2 weeks.

How Do I Schedule a Shoot...and can I Pick the Location?
To schedule the shoot, email me at the above email address. Yes, you can pick the a certain extent...I will go over this in the email!


Bobbi said...

Can you believe that I will actually be in Washington the week AFTER this? Can't you just postpone your trip, or extend it an extra week?

Sarah said...

I think that you should post more pictures. Often!

Nikki said...

What?! Are you out of your mind? I am coming to UTAH to get shot. And you better still be there.

Carterista said...

So, what are you saying? You're going to Washington?

Brenda said...

We might be interested - can you come to the Tri-Cities?...

Unknown said...

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