Friday, April 24, 2009


Upside down, my world is. (That is what Yoda would say if he too were trying desperately to finish writing a novel that has even an ounce of a chance of getting published)

Lately I have a one track mind. WRITING, WRITING, WRITING. I'm sure, there are a lot of you out there than can attest to this. If you've stopped by my home in say the last month you've probably found it dirtier than the floor of the dollar theater. You've probably seen me in Mark's over sized sweats (since my wonderful teal ones have finally bit the dust), and you've most likely asked yourself, "When was the last time she showered?" In answer to that, I plead the fifth.

One day, (I'm gazing wistfully out the large window that over looks my barren dirt pit of a back yard), Yes, one day I will publish a book. Sigh.

Until then, the following is a list of things that have become commonplace in my life:

1. I dream of high school, let me rephrase that...I dream of the high school scenario that I am writing about. Not real high school boys, because EWWW that would be GROSS!

2. My kids haven't eaten a homemade meal (that was made by me) in over 3 weeks.

3. We have saved quite a bit on our water bill thanks to my lack of showering.

4. My phone often has 5 or more messages on it because I turn the ringers off when I'm writing...and I often forget to call people back. (so sorry if that describes you)

5. The house was so filthy that Mark actually dusted, windexed and vacuumed for me the other night before he took off to Vegas...I guess he knew I wouldn't do it when he was gone either.

Those are my confessions. This post is just to inform you that any time you are in the neighborhood, you can make a lovely donation to my cause in the form of a 32 oz. Diet Pepsi from Harts or Walkers...oh, and I do love it with a small squirt of diet Mt. Dew in it.

Luv, erin


Ella said...

hey I donated to you cause yesterday!!!

Rach said...

Thank goodness MOM lives around the corner........and You have a GREAT helpful husband. It'll all pay off when your book gets published...right?!! So awesome, can't wait to read the finished product.

Ipo said...

I know all your hard work and lack of showering will all pay off!! Keep on keeping on!!

Leslie said...

I'll come over and cook for you if you dedicate your first book to me - and give me Ruby.

the fowlers said...

I would stop showering if it meant a drink from Harts. That, or a big bag of Taco Amigo. I really miss those places!

i'm erin. said...

Bradie, I know what you mean...when we lived in Hawaii I craved taco amigo fries.

Sarah said...

Oh, not your teal sweats. Tragic.

big8smiley said...

You're lucky you live in a houseful of boys. I bet they barely even notice!

Haley Hale said...

I can't believe the teal sweats are gone. I have secretly wondered (for many years now) when they were going to bite the dust.

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