Thursday, March 05, 2009


Top 5 Reasons YOU should have gone to the

1. Had you gone to the greatest concert duo ever to grace Utah county, you would have seen that you are not as freaky as half the other concert goers out there. People dressed in all types of eighties get-ups swarmed the UVU Center. Unfortunately, I didn't think about going 80's before hand, so I missed out on the fun of looking like this:

2. You would have been able to dance your (insert whatever word you feel comfortable with) Off! Since Vanilla Ice decided to grace the stage a full 1 1/2 hours after the opening act of LOVE YOU LONG TIME you would have had plenty of time to DANCE yourself into a frenzy...we jammed out to all the great songs from the late 80's and early 90's.

3. You would have amazed yourself by knowing all the words to: Shoop Song - Salt and Peppa, California - Tu Pac, Billie Jean - MJ (of course you know this one), Kiss - Prince, and Gangsta's Paradise!!! Yes, of course I sang along to the great dancing music...and yes, I knew all the words. (Man was I cool a decade ago)

4. You would have loved Vanilla Ice's 'Pyrotechnic' show...Umm, more like a lighter and a hair spray can. Come on Vanilla, did we really pay 30 dollars to see a freaky Clown run around the stage while you sing like a troll on crack? (ok, truth, I got the tickets for free...but for those that did pay, you were right to BOO Vanilla Ice for ruining his own ICE ICE BABY song.)

5. You would have LOVED MC HAMMER...because even though we had to leave early, I hear he rocked the house down with his skinny leg pants and crazed dance moves!

No more looking like this:

Oh, and bonus: You would have remembered that 'WE GOT TO PRAY JUST TO MAKE IT TODAY!'


Kristina P. said...

I am kind of sad I didn't go, but after reading some other blog reviews, not sad that I didn't spend $45 on it.

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I'm sad I didn't go - those two were a huge part of my early adolescence! But after reading this it sounds like I didn't miss too much! glad you had a good time!

meg. said...

Well hello erin.
i felt as if i should inform you.
i went.
and it was amazing.

Melanee said...

I saw Renee's blog and the pictures of you guys. What a small world. I grew up with Renee (well, around the corner and up the street a bit). But I loved the pictures and the MIGs!!

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