Thursday, December 04, 2008

Have you seen this woman?

This is my oldest sister Leslie, who resides in Washington state. She made a suprise stop in Utah for Thanksgiving! I was so happy to spend Thanksgiving with them. Then on Thanksgiving night, Leslie and I went to the MODBOD sale and (shhhhh) we cut in line! We had such a blast grabbing clothing and worming our way through the crowd. Then on Sunday, I finally was able to get some shots of her and Troy. Here they are in all their fall glory. The fall picture was taken in the road in front of my house. I love this one below the most!

HOW TO: I shot the above pictures in natural light (no flash). My settings were: ISO 400, F-Stop 3.5-5.6, Shutter 125. I shot right before it got dark, so I had to keep my shutter low and I played around with my F-stop to let enough light in. In POST EDITING, I used Boutwell Magic glasses on all of the shots. The for the first I used: Old School Fast, for the second shot: Lux (soft), for the third shot: boring B&W, and for the fourth: Lux (soft) and Yin Yang around the edges. Have fun shooting?


Just SO said...

Great shots Erin!

And why on earth didn't you let me in on the ModBod sale? *hmpf*

Rach said...

GREAT pics. love the last one with the shoes forward. so awesome.

Leslie said...

Those are the best looking models ever! ha ha - thank goodness for some cool actions to pretty us up some.

Thanks for the awesome photos - I can't believe how cute they are this year! And thanks for the fun time - though I'll win at Settlers next year, I know it!

JoMamma said...

Those are great pictures. Erin, you did a great job, and Leslie you look great.

Unknown said...

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