Monday, November 10, 2008

What the Heck is FACEBOOK?

As of 9:41 pm this evening, I have now answered that question. I have just signed up on the illusive FACEBOOK. For months I have heard friends talk about connecting with others on FACEBOOK; and frankly, I have felt a wee bit left out. So, I buckled under the pressure and I joined. If you are on FACEBOOK, give me a shoutout!


big8smiley said...

Oh good, you are on now! I've looked for you there, and now I know why I couldn't find you. :) Facebook is fun, but even MORE time consuming than blogging, so watch out!

Sarah said...

yay! add me immediately!

Sarah said...

and ps- a lot of people see the comments, so keep them completely kosher!!!! (a girl can hope, right?)

JoMamma said...

I just sent you an invite. Hey I'm feeling better I'll be over soon to see your baby.

Dolly said...

Okay, now you are in for it. I have teenage boys now so I joined facebook so I could stalk them and now I "waste" so much time that I don't have being social with all of my friends scattered about the world. It is so tempting and my OCD housework is really suffering. (I guess the obsession is now competing with my new goal of photography.) I am now taking a photography class from Natalie and I just got a cool new camera to play with so I am checking out all of the cool photogs and now I found you. Rachel just told me about your blog the other day and now I feel so happy to catch up on you. Congrats on baby Ruby!

Just SO said...

I'm on it believe it or not! I'm only a few weeks ahead of you though.

Naniloa Loop Scoop said...

good now we can finally be connected!

Unknown said...

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