Sunday, November 09, 2008

Eat. Sleep. Poop, not me, her....RUBY!

Today Ruby will be one week old. In the last 7 days I have endured 7 great events. I have:

1. Gone through 1 1/2 packages of diapers.
2. Used 3 packages of wipes (I am trying to get a handle on this little girl thing)
3. Disposed of 1 1/2 packages of Pads (ewwww gross...sorry I had to share)
4. Changed into 3 different shirts a day (spit up)
5. Stayed in 1 pair of sweats (I love my paint covered, hole tattered, 15 year old teal green sweats...I refuse to take them off)
6. Made a quick emergency dash to the Insta-care yesterday, only to be told the massive, intense, stabbing pain in my back is either a pinched nerve, torn muscle...or a BLOOD CLOT?!? I am supposed to watch it and see if it gets worse.
7. Slept everyday with my sweet Ruby on my chest or by my side, listening to her baby murmurings and peaceful squeaking...HAVING A GIRL IS THE BEST!


Maman Pélissié said...

I love it! Glad you are enjoying every minute.

I am a mother! said...

Eat, sleep, poop is right!!! I love the floppy cuddly newborn stage but I also like when they grow a little and the time period between eating, sleeping, and poopong is a little bit longer.

Sarah said...

NOT THE TEAL SHORTS!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
Um. . . more pictures??? come on woman!!! i need more!!!!

Carterista said...

Might I say you look terrific in those teal sweats. In fact, when I think of you in my mind's eye I see you wearing them. Never change!

I thought for sure you'd be saying Eat, Sleep, Poop, and Take pictures!

Unknown said...

Ahh... that brings back memories. Enjoy all the pink you get to put on your little girl!

A. said...

That all sounds so familiar. :)
Ok - so onto mor eimportant things. :P I want a blog with buttoms at the top like yours. how'd you get it?

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I'm so glad you're loving your little girl and every minute of having her home. This newborn stage is so much fun (and SO exhausting)! The last 2 weeks at our house sound much like the last week at yours! Can't wait to see more pictures of your sweet baby girl!

Unknown said...

Awwww, anything beats being pregnant, doesn't it? Girls rule. We should've named Samantha Ruby with that red hair of hers. . . love the name; my baby is way whiter than yours! heehee!

Mariko said...

She's gorgeous. Little girls are the best, but let's at least pretend we aren't playing favorites.

JoMamma said...

It's already been a week. She is already growing so fast. I'm so mad that I have a cold. I want to come see her. I'll do the right thing and wait until I'm not coughing all the time.

JoMamma said...

It's already been a week. She is already growing so fast. I'm so mad that I have a cold. I want to come see her. I'll do the right thing and wait until I'm not coughing all the time.

Rach said...

yeah for little girls!!

kellieanne said...

Hope all is okay with the back pain. It good to hear you are enjoying your cutie pie inspite of that! How are the boys adjusting?

Kami said...

Congrats on your girl! Ruby is a super cute name. You'll have to call me some time, and I'll come down and see her. Good Luck with everything.

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

What a finally got a girl (I am so dang happy for you) and I finally got pregnant!

I am really worried about your back. I will keep checking your blog to make sure you are OK. It's not like I can do anything from here...I wish I could... I just hope you are OK.

Brooke said...

Congrats on having a girl! You have the cutest kids ever. I'm so sad that we didn't get family pictures taken before we had to move. We miss PG, but I'm glad that I found your blog!

Eldredge greatness said...

Hey Ive got three girls! you are amazing that you have four kids! and you just had her? wow! definitely need to have a losing weight challenge. you would give me a run for my money. I have 12 pounds to lose. Want to do it? Or are you too scared you might just lose against me. After you moved to HA I got mega thin...then I was pregnant for two years and have already lost 53 pounds. 12 more baby, and let me tellya, finding motivation to not eat sweets is HARD. You just might be that motivation for me.

Unknown said...

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