Saturday, November 22, 2008


I hate to admit it, but in the last few days I have gone to see TWILIGHT TWICE! I know, I know, you are probably thinking that I love it...So, not true. I first saw the midnight showing and was so groggy that I walked out of the theater thinking, what the crap was that all about, a little bizarro 70's background music, a few too many slow mo's of quirky facial expressions and voila' you have the latest greatest pop culture movie hit! I decided because of the late night, the lack of sleep, and over-exuberant teen packed theater, I was unable to give the movie a fair shake. So, I went again! I checked out the movie today. Now that I have seen it twice, I have decided that I really want to know what you think!

ASK THE AUDIENCE: What did you think of TWILIGHT, Bella, Edward, and the whole grunge rock cast? Be utterly honest and let it rip!


Peggy Eddleman said...

It felt so much like a B movie. Actually, it felt more like a parody of Twilight. (That would explain all the laughing from the moviegoers during inappropriate times.) I don't think I have EVER went to see a movie in the theater that had such bad acting before! They had to have known the turnout they would get... wouldn't that make them want to make sure they got this movie right?

And it wasn't just the acting that was bad (although it was really bad). It was also the writing, the cinematography, the makeup, and THE HAIR!!! Seriously-- what was up with the hair on the guys?

Liked: Alice, James, Jessica, the forest, the dance studio scene, and baseball.

Hated: Edward's bedroom! (could he even fit the bed from Eclipse in that teeny space?), Carlisle's ubiquitous scarf, the prom scene (where was Alice in that? Or Rosalie and Emmett and Jasper? And why the heck was Bella wearing a sneaker? And where was the fancy dancing?), and the fact that Bella was hanging out IN HER UNDERWEAR (!) when Edward came in her room to make out.

Seriously, when I think back to the movie, I am just in awe that they were okay releasing the movie in that condition. Ranked right up there with Eragon the movie. ;-) Oh, and sorry for the length of the comment!

Rach said...

I loved it. I think that for a theatrical performance of a Novel, they did a good job. I went to be entertained and I was. The chemistry between the actors was great. I think that the actors did great depictions of their characters. I liked the actions. I really liked the bad characters...I think mostly because I didn't expect much from them.

However, I didn't like a few things. Yes the scene where Bella first enters Biology made Edward look constipated rather than "I want to kill You" look. Jasper DID always look like he was in pain, I thought he looked like Edward Scissor Hands. And the scene where she decides to walk into the forest and she rambles about who he is, and then he goes balistic trying to scare her.

But I must say that the 2nd time I ENJOYED it more. the first time I was waiting for scenes to happen, waiting for those moments in the book that I had anticipated to see on screen. So the 2nd time I enjoyed seeing it for a movie. And friends that had never read the book loved the movie and are now wanting to READ the book.

So overall, I enjoyed least to see it a few more times!!

The Wents said...

I liked it....did I think it could have been alot better, YES. It seemed a little low budget to me at times. I feel like they chopped up the novel and when they put it back together there wasn't enough depth. I really liked Rob playing Edward. I loved the make out scene, I loved when they walked into school together for the first time and he put his arm around her shoulder and I loved at the end when he kissed her neck.

Shayleen Lunt said...

One benefit to not having read the books: LOVED THE MOVIE. Sure, there were a few cheesy moments (them laying in the field/mountain), but I thought it was great and can't wait for the others.

Carterista said...

At great risk I cryptically and sassily say..."Come ON! "Good, Better, Best."

Unknown said...

You punk, you were suppose to wait for me. Oh, well. I'll take my hubby now as my second choice.

Kayleen said...


I am laughing that you have seen Twilight twice! I'm still recovering from our midnight outing. It was so fun to finally meet you! Shelley has raved about you a lot! Cute house and nice photography site!!
I wrote a comment on your D700 post. I had the same trouble with my D300 and updating the software.
I don't have an exciting photography website right now but I have some of my work posted on this site.

I seriously want to get to know you better! You inspire me!! I'd LOVE to have your input on my house. I'm sure I told you that a jillion times the other night. You are the queen of decor and creativity!!

Here's my family blog for fun!

Take Care!

p.s. sorry for the lengthy post. I didn't even leave my twilight opinion - lol:P

Just SO said...

I'll come back to this tomorrow or Wednesday after I've seen the movie!

muggins mahooney said...

Going into the movie I had no expectations. I had seen all the trailers and the making-of shows and I was really holding my breath. However....I loved the movie. Sure it wasn't perfect but I thought it was great. I went with 15 girls from my ward and we all thought it was lots of fun. I did think the makeup was a bit too much like actors applying their own Cover Girl. I couldn't quite decide whether they were going for the pasty vampire look on purpose or if they were really so short cash that they went to Wallgreens for the products they used.
I thought all the characters played well and played well together. I was slow to warm up to Edward, but by the end the actor who played him had replaced the Edward in my mind's eye. In fact all of the characters did.
My only resounding "give me a break" was when Bella and Edward are in her room and she is sitting on her bed a bid too provacatively....especially for having no visible jammie bottoms on. That was a let down...and I'm not talking lactation here!

Just SO said...


I laughed 'til I cried. I may have even peed my pants a little. Seriously. I'll blog more about it later.

Natalie. said...

It was just as ridiculous as the book. Teen romance novel. . . it was made just like that.

EXACTLY what it professed to be.

I liked it.

Hated that they used the Lord's name in vein. . . twice.

JoMamma said...

Oh you went already. I thought you were going to call me. I'm just going to wait for it on DVD. I'll call you when I get it, and you can come watch it for the third time.

JayandCassandra said...

I'm surprised to see so many positive responses from people. I can't imagine how someone could follow or even enjoy this movie if they had not read the book. But I did read the book, a few times. So that was not my problem.

I thought the script writing was horrible! I mean, horrible. I felt awful for the actor playing Edward because really, what was the guy suppose to do with that script? It would have been much better if they had picked a couple key scenes and did the WHOLE thing so that it would flow and make sense. The whole polaroid snap shots of all the scenes was choppy and incomplete (that's the nice way of putting it).

Why all the focus on Charlie? I mean the actor was great for the part but... so many key things were left out to make room for the Charlie scenes? Hmmm... perhaps that could have been done differently.

The only member of the Cullen family who was able to work within that script and give a good portrayal of their character was Nikki Reed as Rosalie.

Anywho, that's my two bits.

kellieanne said...

I didn't have high expectations so I wasn't disappointed.

Negative for movie - As Peggy wrote, it was a B movie. I didn't like the way they filmed it. I got a little dizzy.

Positive for movie - I did like James. He was rather hot. I imagined someone like him for the part of Jasper. A lot of people have told me they like Jasper, but I can't see the draw to him for the part.

Weight Family said...

Hey! It's Kira (Jay's wife)... you can check out our blog through my profile.
BTW- Twilight... I pretty much think every movie is good unless it has a crappy ending, so i liked to movie. The book was better than the movie and parts of the movie were SO corny: "You're like my own personal brand of herion..." (PUKE)

Marcie said...

I have yet to blog about this since I have to do my posts in order and I am already behind. My expectation was pretty low and my good friend was SO excited because she had just recently read all of the books. We loved the movie and had a great time. Of course the books are always going to be better. I also love the soundtrack. I have since seen the movie a second time and I have to admit that it wasn't the same with such a smaller audience. (When my friend and I went it was early evening and it was funny to hear the gasps coming from the Edward and Jacob fans!) The second time I saw it with my sister and I was reminded of the awkward and overdone part when Bella was in the hospital and she started freaking out about Edward possibly leaving. I wasn't sure about Robert playing Edward at first but then he grew on me. I thought that Kristen playing Bella was prettier than I imagined her since she was described as so "plain." I think that "Bella's lullaby" is so pretty and I of course expected for Muse to be on the soundtrack too since Stephenie thanks them in every book for their inspiration. The one character who was EXACTLY as I imagined was Alice. Wow- that comment was way longer than planned! How is little Ruby? :)

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

it felt like it was made for T.V
Edward looked like he WAS constipated (good noticing Rach).

However, it's such a good story that you can't help but have fun. My husband who was expecting NOTHING liked it and read the book because of it. shhhh don't tell anyone that I am telling you.

I can not wait for Breaking Dawn movie

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