Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday's Fit Tip MANIA!!!

BACK BY (not really any requests) but my PERSONAL NEED!

I am so excited to launch Monday's Fit Tip Mania. Please feel free to read through the random tidbits of fitness tips or add to them by posting in the comments section. I have been teaching aerobics and personal training for the last 12 years. The tips I post on my blog are tools of the trade that I have picked up along the way. If they work for you, GREAT! If they don't jive with your style just discard and wait for next weeks tip.

TIP OF THE DAY: (I actually picked this tip up from my Rockin' sister-in-law Shari, thanks!) If you just cant seem to find the time to get out of the house, say you have too many kids to load in the mini-van and haul to the rec-center; then this fit tip is just for you. Use your stairs to work your own personal 'StairMaster'. Set a timer in your home, pop in your ipod or pull out a great book and begin walking. If you don't want to just walk up and down the stairs for the given time, then add some distance around the home. You could walk up the stairs, around the family room, into each bedroom and then back down the stairs. Whatever the track, just keep moving until your timer rings.

If you are advanced in your fitness level, then add some great interval spurts. Walk or jog the stairs 10 times and then add a 1 minute of plyometric squat jumps or lunges! Whatever you choose, keep your heart rate at a level 6-7 out of 10 while walking the steps, and then boost that heart rate up to 8 for your 1 minute interval!



A. said...

Hahaha! Ok - I'm trying to picture the very skilled stair climber who can actually READ A BOOK at the same time.

big8smiley said...

I wouldn't trust myself with the book thing. I one time thought I was very skilled. I was on the treadmill and tried to play mario brothers while walking, you know, to keep myself occupied and make the time go faster. Every time Mario would walk to the edge of the screen, I would also walk to the side. I almost fell off the treadmill several times before I finally had to call it quits to the video game idea.

I can't believe you have been teaching now for 12 years! That time sure has flown. I just started teaching this year and I love it.

Maman Pélissié said...

You rock! Please don't tell me you are hopping up and down stairs!

Sarah said...

Well, I have a studio, so that would entail walking back and pacing around my bedroom/living room/kitchen combo a million times!

How long ago did you give birth? you're killing me!

Carterista said...

Keep talking and one of these times my legs might hear you.

Kahilau said...

so I am with everyone else. We are all just not as talented as some I guess. I just wanted to say congrats on the baby! She is a beauty!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Yep although I love working out at the gym, I definitely haven't been able to make it out as much since the baby came...since my baby love to be bounced, I've found that doing lunges while I hold him is good for him and me. Oh yes, speaking of babies, more pictures of Ruby please!

Camcorder said...

ok. so i got to stay fit for rugby in the spring, and spencer just needs to stay fit. when do you teach classes at the rec center?

Ticklemedana said...

hey miss! so...I took some pics in salt lake and I want you to check them out and tell me what you's a blog titled "pics from salt lake" a couple of blogs down from the current one...also, I'm excited to take pics next week! I have tuesday off...

Ticklemedana said...

yea! I'm so happy you liked them! I have no clue how I am when it comes to photography but I like to take pictures and i really wanna take a class someday...anyway, thanks...=)

Honey and Hotstuff said...

Okay so here is a fit tip for you. I live in a really small apartment, I am too poor to go to the gym ( and I work when you are teaching classes) and I hate fitness videos.
I am not the best at working out on a regular basis but I am pretty good when it comes to food.

1 listen to your body. When you are full, you are full. Don't eat anymore.
2 don't try to cut out sweets completly. Never works! instead allow but LIMIT!
3 I quit eating after 7 pm and that has made a huge difference. Set your own time to quit eating after and see what happens.
4 park as far away as possible. Though we might not have any choice, it is a chance to walk more. Plus better parking selection and if it is too cold it is a chance to get in a good run!
5 Take the stairs at work!Hey, five flights of stairs ain't to bad after a while.
6 make better choices when eating...

Unknown said...

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