Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He Said, She Said

RINNNNNNGGGG! Blast that darn phone. I rushed to it and grabbed it just before it switched over to voicemail. A deep throaty (as in too tired to sound un-froggy) voice warned, "You are in so much trouble." I hadn't expected that, Mark is normally a very mellow man...never filled with rage. In a slightly walking on eggshell approach I responded, "What? Are you joking with me?"
"No!" was his immediate angry reply.
I racked my brain, what did I do to cause such irritability? Nothing came to mind so I probed, "What are you talking about?"
Mark then launched himself into a full detailed story of how I, without knowing, embarrassed him.

Mark's Side:
Since we haven't started daylight savings time yet, the mornings have become increasingly darker. Mark didn't want to wake me when he woke, so, with the lights off, he quietly pulled his clothes out of the drawer and just as quietly dressed. Since October came in with a bang, the mornings have been pretty nippy. Mark slipped on a light jacket, grabbed breakfast and headed to work. Upon arriving at work, he promptly hung his jacket and sat down at his desk.

My Side:
My body is gigantically out of proportion. I refuse to buy any new clothing this late in the pregnancy and I am often forced to wear Mark's old T-shirts. Since Teddy's birthday was earlier in the week, I pulled on sweats and a T-shirt that day and went about frosting cupcakes and making dinner before family came over. I quickly changed before visitors came by so I wouldn't look like the gigantic scrubby housewife that I secretly am, and I stuffed the t-shirt and sweats back in the drawer...(At this you might think ewwww, but really I am blessed with almost never having Body Oder, and because of that, I can often wear clothing a few times before I wash them. This especially applies to my favorite sweats and a T-shirt. I figure I will throw those back on when I clean house the next day...or when I get around to it).

Mark's Side:
A few hours into work, Mark leaned back from his computer and relaxed. He loves Fridays simply because he can dress casual. That was the one great thing about working in Hawaii...almost every day is casual day. While leaning back, Mark glanced down at his T-shirt. (I am sure at this point the eyes bugged out of his head) What is all this crap all over my shirt? He thought to himself. Upon closer inspection he noted that it was white frosting, very similar to the frosting I had used a few nights earlier on Theodore's cupcakes. Embarrassment filled him like a dam breaking and he quickly reached for his jacket, pulled it on, and zipped it up. It was at this point he decided to call me, his wife.

My Side:
It had been a few days since the party and I had gotten really busy with back to back photo shoots. Today was the day for the great scrub down. Each floor would be cleaned from top to bottom. I jumped out of bed, opened up Mark's drawer to find a t-shirt and thought it odd the ones I normally pick up were gone. I figured he had worn them while working on the bathroom in the basement (it's under construction). I felt a little miffed, because frankly, not much else fits comfortably...and I hate feeling uncomfortable while cleaning. I managed to find something else that would work and I set off to cleaning. It was at this point that I was interrupted by the incessant ringing of the phone!

Ask the Audience: Not that I am asking you to pick sides, but come on?!? Who doesn't look in the mirror before leaving? Do you think Mark's embarassment is primarily his fault or mine? To this question, I feel the answer is obvious...but I will try to stay neutral.


Carterista said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Poor Mark, but it will be funny to him in a few weeks. Besides, he can have licks of frosting anytime he wants.

Kristine said...

Not that I am picking sides either, but Mark should be wary about picking clothes in the dark with you as his wife! How many years has it been?! j/k lol!

Rach said...

heheheehhahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! I think if you still lived here in Hawaii, he would laugh about it and his fellow co-workers would laugh also. But I can see in UTAH that might be a bit uncomfortable. hee hee eheee, but I agree with the upper comment Mark can always lick from his shirt. But I can see why Mark would be totally embarrassed and upset, THANK goodness for that jacket.

kellieanne said...

You've got to give points to Mark for trying to get dressed without noise or light so as to not wake you. Bless him.

Camcorder said...

Tell mark I said give up. She is a woman. You are a man. You can't win.Why? Because women always win. But don't worry. there is always BYU football..

Shari said...

Mark could have used that one as an excuse to go home in the middle of the day. Guys never think of those things do they. In his defense though, Erin why would you even put the clothes back in his drawer instead of your own by now he should know that they are yours as compensation for carrying his sweet baby daughter for him for 9 months.
Love, shari P.S. check my blog

A. said...

First...ew! It may not have boy odor, but it had crusted on frosting and you still put it in the drawer. haha!

However, I agree with others that, yes, people usually look in the mirror before leaving the house. Does he brush his teeth, comb his hair, etc, all before getting dressed? I suppose some do... Or what about the sweep of the hands down your clothing just to smooth out any wrinkles or folded up shirt edges? Wouldn't he have felt the hard, flakey spots where frosting was?

hahaha! This is a good one though. With all that happens to you guys, I tend to think you do these things on purpose just to brighten the rest of the world's day. :)

Honey and Hotstuff said...

He said: Next time you borrow my clothes put them back in your drawers.
She said: next time, check yourself before you leave for work.
Problem solved!

Robyn said...

Erin, you should put the dirty clothes back into your drawer, not his! Mark, you should at least glance in the mirror before you leave. :-) Both of you should just have a good laugh about this. Besides, it's just frosting on a shirt--it's not like you totally forgot nursing pads before you went to work. Trust me, that is much more embarrassing than frosting...

Unknown said...

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