Friday, October 31, 2008

The Halloween Conundrum

Weeks ago I had planned out in my mind that I would have a beautiful baby girl dressed as the cutest glowworm for Halloween. OBVIOUSLY, that is not going to happen considering she is still quite content lounging in my belly (in a Mike Meyer's-esque voice I keep thinking get out of my belly). Either way, she is in there and now I have to come up with a last minute costume. Yesterday they held a costume contest at the Rec center (where I am currently teaching aerobics). I quickly pulled on a full body leopard print leotard, black leg warmers, a cut up belly shirt, a bangle bracelet and long dangly earrings. I thought I looked like a rockin' aerobic instructor...umm plus a giant belly. I taught the class, got pretty sweaty and then walked out towards the office to sign my time card. While walking to the office I strolled past 3 high school girls. Immediately one girl turned towards the other and whispered (in an all too loud voice), "Ewww Gross!" Apparently I didn't look as good as I thought I did.

Conundrum: I need a costume for tonight's Church Party!

1. The aerobic outfit is out! I cant go around unintentionally grossing people out.
2. I have a cheerleader's outfit. I could be a pregnant cheerleader (but is that really a good idea for the Church party?)
3. I have a basketball uniform. I could paint my belly to look like a basketball and keep it exposed all night. (Once again, should I be showing off my belly at church?)
4. If you have any last minute ideas, please drop me a line!


Leslie said...

Go as the Queen Bee. Wear a big yellow sweatshirt and paint or sew/glue black stripes on it. Or easier is probably a big read sweatshirt and paint a stripe down the middle and then large dots on the sides for a ladybug.

One of my friends wore a white shirt and painted on the lines & shapes to make the tummy part a soccerball. Or be a big m&m. Cut out two giant felt/fabric circles and use acrylic paint (or fabric applique/ironed on) for the letter - or just put the letter on a sweatshirt.

Or another one I saw of a pregnant lady was she was a white trash trucker - so the belly was her beer belly, ha ha.

A. said...

Hahahahah!!!! You're Gross! Man - how many times must I have done that as a teenager? Sad to be on the receiving end now. lol

I like Leslie's ideas. Bugs are a good way to go. :)

Or better yet, go with the Mike Meyers character and go around all night saying, "Get out of my belly." :P

Peggy Eddleman said...

You could wear a black shirt, and cut a little baby skeleton out of white felt and affix it to the belly of the shirt. I saw a pregnant lady with an outfit like that once, and it looked awesome!

ps- did you get a picture of the rockin aerobic instructor outfit? If so, you should post it for us!

big8smiley said...

I was hugely pregnant at Halloween time with Athena and I went as a spider. I made extra legs, wore a tight black outfit, and put big red eyes on my belly like it was the head. :)

I am a mother! said...

I was a pumpkin when I was prego. The kind where you stuff it all full of newspaper so you are a huge sphere.

Shayleen Lunt said...

You could go as that pregnant man (remember him?).
Or a nun!

Rach said...

hmm, very hard to decide. 1)Frankenstein's wife that is pregnant. Fortune teller, the belly as your crystal ball.
2)Mother Earth - paint your belly like a globe.
3)You can make an "oven" out of a cardboard box, and wear it around your waist (with a cut out for the oven door), and have a "bun in the oven" costume.
4)Sumo wrestler
5)Kool-aid man

ok thats all i found!!

Ticklemedana said...

ha ha...I LOVE the pregnant cheerleader idea...ever see "sugar and Spice"? crazy movie...head cheerleader gets pregnant and she and her squad rob her bank dressed as pregnant Betty dolls...classic..

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