Thursday, October 09, 2008

3 1/2 weeks to go and I am feeling a vent coming on...

I am sitting here in front of my laptop and feeling a bit on the ornery side. I have decided to vent. If in anyway this post offends you than I have to simply say: GET OVER IT! (and I am a bit sorry that you feel bad)

1. I don't like being poked in the arm 20 times by my almost 2 year old. He wants to tell me something, and I just don't understand quite what his gibberish is saying, so he pokes...and pokes...and pokes... And in addition to the incessant poking, he says, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom..." over and over again. Then I find myself saying "What? What? What? What? What?" over and over again. I simply just don't like being poked more than once in a conversation.

2. Henry's sweet cute teacher (who I think is great besides this one incident) gave almost all the kids in the class a special reward for doing the monthly homework, but didn't give Henry one. He came home crying. He spent the month doing his homework. Two days before it was due, he told me at least 5 times he needed to turn it in. Together, we put everything in the folder and sent it in. Henry returned the day of the special reward with nothing but a note from his teacher saying he forgot to turn in his calender. Thus, no reward. I have no idea what she is talking about, so I asked her and she said that every month a number calender is sent home. The kids have to write the numbers and send it back. I swear, Henry's homework folder never had one in we had no idea about it. She just said that's too bad. (this is where I wanted to flick her and say give my kid a treat because he did everything he thought he was supposed to...but instead I just thanked her for her time and walked away.)

3. We were recently invited to go somewhere, and we simply couldn't attend. In the evenings, after Mark gets home from work, I am often shooting an event. When we are invited somewhere, I check my calender and if I have already scheduled a shoot, we just have to turn down whoever is inviting us. This doesn't mean we don't want to go, it just means paying off debt from Mark being unemployed is the most important thing. It doesn't mean we don't like whoever is inviting us, it simply means I AM WORKING! So, when whoever invites us somewhere gets upset and starts to guilt trip my husband (because frankly, these tactics don't work a bit on me) then I do start to feel like I really don't want to spend time with whoever invited us to spend time with them.

4. For the final time, Stephanie Meyer's fourth book was a piece of C%#$! It was poorly written and inconsistent. The only reason it was a best seller is because of media hype. If you want to read a good book, read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, or The Thief by Megan W. (My prego brain just forgot the last name...but it still is an excellent book).

Thanks for your I feel better.


Bobbi said...

Thanks, Erin. I feel better now too. I really didn't care for the first "Twilight" book and haven't even wanted to read the rest of them. I also hate being poked in the arm...and I'll stop guilt tripping your husband about not coming to our house Friday night....

tammy said...

Oh, Erin---someday I will take a page from your book and write my own venting blog. I just need to narrow down to the really GOOD vents. I have so many. And isn't Henry a little young to be learning the harsh realities of life in that way? In other words, that teacher deserves a good flick!

Robyn said...

LOL! It's almost too bad that this pregnancy is almost over--you are so funny when you are ornery! I love it! I agree with you, if something wasn't in his homework folder (which I assume the teacher put together) then how was anyone supposed to know it was missing? Lame. I get the (almost) two year old thing--so annoying. Mom, mom, mom...augh! As for "Breaking Dawn"...(or "breaking wind" as Caleb puts it), it stinks! (Pun intended...hehe. Yeah, I'm funny too.)

PS--So do you want to do something tonight? Don't turn me down or you are on my black list and I will hate you forever. Well, at least until I need some more amazing pictures!

Cheer up! This is almost over. If it makes you feel any better we can go down to Payson and make fun of ugly basketball players. I can throw my weight around again for you, there's even more to throw around now! Yeah...:-(

Karina B. said...

Wow. I'm not the only one with a quizzical 2 year old! YAY!!! Once we answer her questions she ALWAYS turns right back around and says "huh?". The joys of life! Hey, my mom-in-law said that you're on Connie's committee. You'll see her this week if you're going to the meeting at Connie's. Good luck with your last 3 1/2 weeks.

Just SO said...

My George was exactly like Teddy and unfortunately, at times still is. I'd like to tell you they out grow it but George still does it.

*Shaking head at that K teacher* Why couldn't she just give you a calendar for Henry to do? Did he have one in this months home work? I wonder if it would work to write her an email telling her just how devastated Henry was.

And oh yeah. If you steal my stuff I'll come after you. :)

What are you talking about Breaking Dawn was THE best book EVER! (I wanted to put an close sarcasm tag at the end of this sentence but it told me that that Tag is not allowed ROFL!)

Oh and I have The Thief sitting upstairs waiting to be read. I just need to finish Oprah's book club book. And hey what do you know? SO far no weird sex or molestation or anything in it.

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I'm right there with you about being poked/climbed on/jumped on/etc. by the almost 2 yr old - I wish for just a few minutes a day (when he's not sleeping) that he'd just LEAVE ME ALONE - even if it was just for a day.

I can't believe Henry's teacher actually said that - that's rediculous.

Though I enjoyed the Twilight books they were really quite poorly written (there were mistakes everywhere), all they really are is a light & fluffy and really easy to read series.

And I'm so there with you on the turning down invites thing - some people just don't understand that the world doesn't revolve around them & that maybe you have other things going on in your life. . . whether it's plans with someone else or working (I have a HUGE issue with this one too).

These next 2 1/2 (3 1/2 for you) seriously couldn't come fast enough, I swear I'm getting more and more ornery with every day. Keep smiling cause our lives are about to get even crazier here pretty quick. I'm so glad you took the time to vent, I hope you feel better now.

Ticklemedana said...

ha should watch the Friends episode right before Rachel gives's quite funny...and I can't imagine you ornery...=) and Amen on everything...I'm sort of boycotting Twilight...=)

Jordan and Jandee said...

Erin I'm so glad you weren't in love with Breaking Dawn...definitely didn't live up to hype. And for the record not all honesty is onery-ness.

Mariko said...

Teachers can be pretty evil. Believe me, I know.

Unknown said...

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