Tuesday, September 30, 2008


By now you know that I have a hate hate relationship with any computer that I have had to work with. Having said that, my latest beef is with NIKON. Yes, I shoot Nikon and I love it. I think that the camera was made specifically for ease of shooting...I love not having to move the camera away from my eye to adjust pretty much anything. In fact I love NIKON so much I recently upgraded to a NIKON 700!!! This was a surprise to me too when I happened to notice a few major issues with my 80 in the last 2 weeks. Namely the sensor in my camera is not reading correctly and the electronics are bugging out. These major issues don't worry me too much because I was wise to purchase full comprehensive warranty and I am simply able to have the camera fixed or exchanged for a new pristine camera. However, one problem that did worry me was the actual fix/exchange time presented to me by the warranty people...they said it would last 6 weeks! Ugh how can I go without a camera for 6 weeks when in less than a week I have 2 weddings and a family shoot? Needless to say, I opted for the easy out and purchased a newer BETTER...OH SO MUCH BETTER camera!!! Although I am very excited about the new camera, No of course I don't have $3,000 dollars lying around; thus, I had to be very tricky about the financing. But all is said and done now and I have a great camera.
This is where my beef with NIKON comes in. I shot the wedding. I viewed my pictures on the camera. I tried to upload them to my computer. STOP RIGHT THERE!!! I was unsuccessful...so I tried again, and again and again! What the crap load is going on here? I shot them in nearly the same format as I had with my D80, I went over the instruction manual 10 times and then called my dad crying. (I am being quite literal here) Finally, after paying my computer fixing neighbor to tinker with my PC, he figured out that when you upgrade to the 700, you have to change quite a few menial items on your computer. After much Internet surfing and finding all the other PO'd D700 users, it was actually a simple fix. But DUH, NIKON, you could have mentioned this before I hefted out $100 dollars to my neighbor and dropped Niagara falls on my dad.
Moral of the Story: NIKON is a great camera, but HORRIBLE software fixing communicator!


Just SO said...

That is SO frustrating! You would think that they would put that info in the manual but nope. I'm glad it was a semi-easy fix though.

Carterista said...

Drama, drama, drama... Okay, seriously. What a pain in the @$$! I'm glad it was a simple fix, but the stress it caused to figure that out stunk.

I'm waiting anxiously for pictures of your belly...

Shelby said...

C'mon! Let me take pictures of your belly!!! With your new camera, of course!--(just kidding--not really...)

Kayleen said...

Erin -
I had the same problem with my Nikon D300. I couldn't figure out the software for the life of me. Luckily I have a computer savy husband who fixed it for me.

Love NIKON!!!!

Unknown said...

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