Sunday, July 06, 2008

4TH of July CAMPING do's and don'ts

Was your 4th of July a Blast? or a Red Hot Burn Out? No matter the turnout, I am sure that you are already making plans of things to do and not to do for next year's Sparkly Celebration. This year, my little family decided to try something different. Instead of wearing ourselves out by waking early to secure our place at the local parade, suffering heat exhaustion and empty pockets from the loads of money we would spend at the local town's celebration of vendors, and then eating ourselves into a BBQ oblivion as we 'ooohhh' and 'ahhhh' at fireworks, we decided to take another route. This year, we went CAMPING! (Note: After having lived in Hawaii for the last few years, the prospects of camping in the mountains lured us in like fish to a worm).

Instead of boring you with a cheesy list of fun family activities that busied our daily schedule, I will simply give you my revised Do's and Dont's list for our camping trip next year....I will let you imagine the fun festivities my little clan engaged in.


1. Most important...DO reserve a camping spot in the local canyon at least 3 months BEFORE the 4th of July.
2. Do get teary eyed when you waddle pregnant out of your van and beg the camping attendant for a measly camping spot for your 'wee' family. (this one worked like a charm...ummm, hopefully you wont be pregnant at this time next year)
3. Do pack 'extra' treats and backups for when your dutch oven dinner takes 2 hours longer than the expected 1 hour cooking time.

1. Don't hit other fisherman in the head when you cast your lure...unless you mean to because he stood in your fishing zone!
2. Don't squat to pee on a trail because it the brush wont poke you in the butt...instead other hikers will be taking a large gander at your butt.
3. Don't expect to get 10 minutes sleep through out an entire night when you have two rambunctious boys, one wild roaming toddler, a snoring bear of a husband, and a pregnant belly with a 'wee' little bladder.

I hope your 4th was full of fun, surprises, and good times as are a few picture highlights from our trip!

Me, cooking the morning grub! Yum, the sausages and eggs were a delight!
The boys, sitting on by the lake checking out the good fishing.
Henry found a prairie dog and was convinced that if he spoke nicely and cooed down it's hole, it would come out.
I sure do love a dirty toddler! I couldn't help but put in this picture. My kid is stinkin' cute...(literally).

Mark took the picture below...I am striking the pose, near the river in my pregnant attire for swimming...that means full coverage on my legs!


kellieanne said...

So you did go through with it. You are a womenly woman! Way to go with the memory making!

Haley Hale said...

I can't believe how big Teddy is! And I laughed so hard when I saw that picture of Henry with his head down the prairie dog hole. I can't believe you went camping-I made Dr. C tell Aaron that I wasn't allowed to camp when I was pregnant with Emma! ( I was two weeks away from my due date when said camping trip took place.) Looks like you guys had fun!

JoMamma said...

The pictures look great. I'm sure that they boys will remember this forever.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Your little Henry sure is a brave one! I'm always afraid of things living inside holes in the ground. Those fishing pictures are fabulous! Looks like you had a much more relaxing fourth than your usual. Good on you!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Sounds like a lot of fun...great pics...especially the prairie dog one.

Shelby said...

Missed you at the parade--it wasn't quite the same without you! Henry is going to get bit on the nose one of these are the cutest pregnant camper ever!!!!

Maman Pélissié said...

I love, love, love it! You are too funny!

Just SO said...

What a great time! We love camping but not on the 4th. It's too crazy. I need to share my camping pics from Payson Lakes. I love it there.

We watched the fire works from our front lawn because they were closer to our place this year. WOOT~! It was great!

Anonymous said...

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A. said...

Oh fun! I can't wait to go camping. I'm glad you guys had such a good 4th. I 2nd the idea of skipping huge crowds of mayhem.

So..explain the full leg coverage pregnancy attire?

Carterista said...

So now you can claim that you "roughed it."

Unknown said...

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