Thursday, April 03, 2008

Senior Picture Special!!!

For the Month of April, I am offering a Super Sweet SENIOR PICTURE SPECIAL!!! (Senior, as in Graduating from High School Senior). This special will only last through the month of April, so if you are interested, or you know someone who is interested, don't hesitate to call.

what you get:

  • a minimum of 30 spectacular shots
  • permission to print your shots where you want
  • high resolution DVD containing all the shots from the shoot
  • 1 - 1 1/2 hours fun shooting time with me
  • images edited, air-brushed, enhanced and beautified within 1 week

the cost:

  • only $50.00

To check out more of my work, see my website:

To contact me, see the tab above for contact information.


sanaejames photography said...

Awesome new website!!!! I would still love to have you take pictures of my girls...You are amazing!

Carterista said...

I wish I was a Senior!!!

Peggy Eddleman said...

No kidding, Cecilia! I think when I was a senior, it also cost $50, and that was half my lifetime ago! Plus, they weren't as good or as numerous as the ones Erin does.

Patria said...

woohoo! stellar website- all the best to you in your launching!

Shayleen Lunt said...

I was about to apologize for not knowing you had a photography website...but I take it that it's new? It is very, it's great!

Just SO said...

Erin, your site is FABULOUS!!! I'm wracking my brain trying to think of any seniors I know! LOL!

Hey why don't you go up and ask if you could post something up at the high school?

Natalie. said...

Ok. Oh my gosh! You would be THE BEST senior portrait photographer EVER! I'm off to your new site! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...


Maman Pélissié said...

I LOVE the website! Way to go! Can't wait to see the additions!

Junior and Marissa said...

So, I'm posting on something that has nothing to do with this post but oh well! Well, I'm taking the gradual take on your challenge. Since I don't drink soda, I've eliminated fried foods instead. Not eating fried foods, sugar or anything after 7:30 has been a challenge given that I work at a resturant and usually don't have time to eat until 10:30. I've done pretty good on the no sugar/fried food, not so much on not eating after 7:30.
I bought a joggin stroller and did great on my cardio for awhile but my knees are giving me some serious issues. I'm sure it's from having flat feet but I never had a problem until I had kids. Now if I run, I have a hard time walking for days after. I'm going to get some new shoes and inserts to see if that helps. Any other suggestions on what I can do. Also, I need some suggestions for toning. I'm at a loss. Oh yeah, finally started a blog:
I need to be better at updating though!

Carterista said...

Hi Marissa! I'm going to butt in with my thoughts. I'm pretty sure Erin won't mind.

I've had problems with my knees, too. Had surgery a while back when I busted one up, SO...good shoes make a huge difference. See if you can go to a runner's store where the attendant can give you good advice. Here's a site that will help.

Also, I've found that proper form when running is the best way to protect my knees. Here's an article about how to land on your feet.

I LOVE running!...well, truthfully it's actually more like slow jogging for me right now, but anyhow, I hope you can keep doing it and not hurt anymore!

Carterista said...

Oops! Here's the heel strike article

Unknown said...

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