Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hello Get Fit Challenge Contestants. Today is the day you have been working for all month. Now is your time to shine! In the thoughts section of this post, please enter your points.

You need to enter your weekly totals(since the last two days of the month were Sunday (a free day, and Monday a regular day, those days won't count in your totals), your monthly total, a challenge you faced, and how you overcame it, and if you lost weight, your total weight loss. See example below.


Ida B. Dawinner

week 1: 38 points -- 0 points weight loss
week 2: 42 points + 4 points weight loss (2 pounds)
week 3: 56 points + 2 points weight loss (1 pound)
week 4: 36 points + 2 points weight loss (1 pound)

Monthly Total: 172 points + 8 points weight loss = 180

Challenge: I really struggled with eating Easter candy; I ate so much that I lost no weight the first week even though I was doing all my cardio and toning! I over came that challenge by throwing all the Easter candy away and mocking others who I saw eating it.

Total Weight Loss: I lost 4 pounds this month!!!

Enter your totals like the example above. You have one week to enter and the winners will be chosen a week from today.


Bobbi said...

Noida B. Dareelwinner:

Week 1: 58 pts. + 4 pts. weight loss (2 lbs.)
Week 2: 65 pts. + 2 pts. weight loss (1 lb.)
Week 3: 71 pts. + 2 pts. weight loss (1 lb.)
Week 4: 64 pts. + 0 pts. weight loss

Monthly Total: 258 pts. + 8 pts. weight loss= 266 Total Points

Challenge #1: I had a hard time not eating after 7:30 at night. I had a bad habit of putting the kids to bed and going straight to the kitchen for a snack. It was especially hard when my husband was sitting there with a cup of milk and a handful or Oreos and I wasn't "allowed" to join him. I overcame the challenge by going to the kitchen and filling my water bottle. I would quench my need for snacking by drinking water. Then, when Justin complained how his stomach hurt from eating too many cookies, I would smile and feel proud that I had conquered the evil night-time munchie demon. Now my problem is having to get up and pee in the middle of the night after drinking all of that water!

Challenge #2: My 6-month-old was waking up two or three times at night, thus making it impossible for me to get my 7 hours of sleep!!! I overcame this in two ways. First, I started taking naps during the day to make up for the sleep I wasn't getting at night. Second, I switched the baby's room with my oldest son's room, so she was farther down the hall, and I put her pack and play inside the closet and closed the door. When she woke up at night, I couldn't even hear her crying! This sounds cruel, I know, but after a week or so, she stopped waking up at night...at least I think she has... Come to think of it, I don't really know if she has been waking up or not because I can't hear her cry anymore. Hmmmm...well, at least I'm getting my sleep point everyday, and that's what really matters!!!

Total Weight Loss: I lost 4 pounds this month!!!

Carterista said...

Way to go, Bobbi! That's fabulous! I think you put us all to shame and now we're afraid to post our points. So, I'll be brave and say I earned 198 points. I overcame not wanting to exercise by setting up a schedule that I stuck to. The most helpful thing for me is to be accountable to someone other than myself...

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

Week 1 - 60 pts
Week 2 - 58 pts
Week 3 - 64 pts **bonus week*
Week 4 - 54 pts
Weight Loss - 3 lbs (6 pts)
Monthly Total: 242 Points

Being pregnant (& still early in my pregnancy) has certainly created some challenges for me in this fitness challenge. I'm super tired & feel crummy pretty much all the time so I haven't been working out as much as I'd like or should. But for me the hardest part for me is actually to eat breakfast every day since I usually don't have much of an appetite in the morning or any time of the day for that matter.

I probably shouldn't count weight loss since I'm actually supposed to be gaining weight these days. But, I did manage to loose 3 lbs this month.

Although I feel crummy, I know that this fitness challenge is making a difference for me. Thanks Erin for putting it all together!

Unknown said...

I win! I have 3000 points, just from weight loss since yesterday, and because I ate your peanut butter cookies!

April Fool!

Ticklemedana said...

I got all ya'll beat...maybe...

Week1: 27 pts
Week2: 35 pts + 2pts wt loss
Week3: 60 Pts + 2pts wt loss
Week4: 60 pts

total points for the month: 186, with four of those points from losing 5lbs. and, as a side note, I also lost 4 inches total! yea!

Challenge #1: eating breakfast. I have RIDICULOUS sleeping habits and minor insomnia fits and would go to sleep at 6am and wake at noon. I would eat when I woke up, but I couldn't call it breakfast at 1 in the afternoon. SO...I started forcing myself to go to bed and rewarding myself if I was in bed, by midnight, once a week by purchasing something fun, like a movie or fabric. that's been helping...except the nights I Blogstalk til the wee hours of the morn...

Challenge #2: Not eating sugar. I work at a FROZEN CUSTARD place! BUT, while I did not give myself points for not eating sugar, i did give myself a reward for a small spoonful of custard being the only sugar intak for the day. I have found letting myself buy something small that I want and not feeling guilty about it has been very beneficial.

I love fitday.com; i input evrything I eat and it helps me see where my calories are coming from.

NOW...bring on my photoshoot!!!!! I've been watching "America's Next Top Model" marathons all week in preparation! =D

Shayleen Lunt said...

I think Bobbi used her free day for points...cheater! hehe
I'm not even posting my points because it's shameful. My challege - not losing any weight because I didn't do my cardio.
I promise to do better!
My success: not eating after SIX O'CLOCK! I had to up the time so I felt slightly hungry before going to bed...I kinda like that feeling.

Kristen said...

I have no idea how many points I have... I guess I decided that I needed to do it for me and not to get the points (although I am kinda sad I don't qualify for any of Erin's AMAZING prizes :) Plus, I would dwell on not getting points, so I decided to forego counting and focus on how good it made me feel...
Anyway, I lost 4 lb. in the last 2 weeks. (sorry I started late!) Thanks Erin, for motivating me to do something I should have been doing all along!
Hardship: Not eating after 7:30. I'm nursing so I graze all day...
Hardship: NO SUGAR. All hail sugar free/fat free Jello!
Yay for everybody who's going strong! You all motivate me!

shelly said...

Week one: 44 pts. - no weight loss. Still feeling great about things!

Following weeks: Right down the toilet...

My greatest challenge was sticking to it when big challenges in my life come up! The story of my life. That's why I'm fat! I'm an emotional eater. Things came up so I couldn't get in my exercise. So, I stopped it ALL! Yikes.

I know I can do this. I have done it before. So, I start again.

This month: I'm going to try to not through in the towel if I blow it a little.

I'm incredibly impressed with all of you! You are inspiring!

Ben and Tanya said...

Tanya Purcell

I wasn't able to join the challenge until a week after it had begun. We also went on a trip and celebrated a few birthdays. Needless to say, I won't be winning this challenge based on points this month. But I never gave up and I learned a few new things.

1st week: not enrolled yet
2nd week: 45 pts
3rd week: 44 pts
4th week: 44 pts

Monthly Total: 133 pts

Before this Get Fit Challenge, I was already keeping a record of my daily food intake and I was enrolled in an exercise program. I was doing really well until I hit a plateau at the end of February. My sister emailed me the Get Fit Challenge and I signed up. I love all the ways we can gain points every day. I love that you included reading scriptures and prayer. I really believe this has strengthened the spirit that dwells within me to make better choices in everything I do. If I feel stronger and healthier both mentally and spiritually, I am better able to attain my goals. I also love that you included a goal to get 7 hours of sleep. I had been neglecting my sleep for years! Besides eating right and exercising, this is the goal I worked the hardest at this month. I can't believe I waited so long to do this! I had never thought about making a goal to get more sleep. I LOVE IT! I also love that you included a multiple vitamin everyday. I still have to have my wee bit of sugar everyday, but I am tackling my giants one at a time. Here is one of the best things I did this month. I sat down with a stack of index cards and wrote all the reasons why I want to be healthy. Once I focused on being healthy rather than just skinny, the ideas flowed into my mind and I thought I might use up the whole stack of index cards. I now have a stack of reasons to keep moving forward! The stack sits next to my bed and each night I flip one card over. Each day I have another reason to make the effort to be healthy. The worksheet you made is very helpful too. I taped it to the wall right next to my 3 year olds sticker chart. I guess you are never too old for a sticker chart! By the way, I finally broke my plateau on Monday, March 31. I lost 4.5 pounds and several inches! But I guess those points will have to go toward the April Challenge:(

Heather Brown said...

Im not putting my points on here cuz I dont even compare to the rest... But this week I gave up soda.. This has been a HUGE deal for me.... I used to drink like 3-5 a day... so going to nothing cold turkey has been SUPER SUPER hard.. I work full time, come home and have to do everything at my house, take care of my 2 year old. With my husband being overseas, I have all the sudden become a single mom.... Its tough. But its crazy what you will do for love!! So with that said. This month is a new month. I am going to do cardio everyday and eat healthy... So cheers to me!! And if any of you want to see my blog I am going private so leave a comment with your address on it so you can still see it....

JoMamma said...

Here you go. I did not do as well as I wish. I could not give up the soda, so I miss out on three points a day. I'm down to my last 11 cans of soda in the house, and no money to buy more. I'll rock the points as soon as they are gone.

I did not weigh myself weekly only at the start & end.
Week 1: 36
Week 2: 40
Week 3: 38
Week 4: 41

total 155

weight loss points 8

Total 163

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