Thursday, January 17, 2008 BEAR.

Teddy is a bear because...

1. ...he eats more than George or Henry, and sometimes more than both of them combined.

2. ...he raises his hands in the air and then full body slams you with his little baby body.

3. ...he drools, and foams from the mouth constantly

4. ...he trys to give you big open mouth kisses from his wide open, drooly, foamy mouth.

5. ...he loves to cuddle!

I love my little Teddy Bear!


Just SO said...

Awww those are cute pics of your Teddy. What a cutie pie he is. I bet those kisses are great!

Shelby said...

Would it offend you if I told you Teddy is pretty enough to be a girl? If so, disregard this comment.....

Haley Hale said...

I love the middle picture of "Baby Dore"...his eyelashes are gorgeous! said...

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