Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Changes

Here are pictures of my favorite rooms in the entire home, my master bedroom and the master bathroom.
Before Master Bedroom: This picture was taken 2 days into our great remodel. We had pulled up the old carpet and discovered the wood floor beneath is rotted. We were discouraged at first, but took the opportunity to whack some of the creaks out of the old floors when we laid the new subfloor!New Master Bedroom!!! IN the master bedroom, we hung crown moulding and new base boards. We added a walk in closet (shown in older post) and we added a master bathroom. We laid new plush carpet and painted the walls with two tones. There is a new window and new window trim.

Before: Upstairs bathroom. Since the upstairs bathroom was quite large and spacious, we decided to split the bathroom into a 1/2 bath which has an entry from the hallway, and a master bath which has an entry from the master bedroom. We used the original entry to the upstairs bathroom as the entry to the new 1/2 bathroom, and we knocked out the old master closet to make more room for the 1/2 bathroom and an entry into the new master bedroom. Here are the before pictures:

Of the picture above, we knocked the wall out on the immediately left of the picture. That wall used to frame out a hall linen closet, which we removed to make room for a 1/2 bath.
In the picture below there is a towel rack. We knocked that wall out and moved the entry further back into a large master bathroom.This picture was taken 2 days into our project. You can see we have knocked out the wall where the towel rack was and it opened up the space into the master bedroom. This space was formerly the master closet. We kept the tub and toilet and sinks in basically the same areas. After: Master Bathroom. In this room we turned the single vanity sink into a double vanity which has a knotty alder cabinet and a granite counter top with under mount sinks. We kept the toilet in the same place and added a new tub. We pulled up the old linoleum and I laid textured tile. We hung bead board on the walls, added all new oil rubbed bronzed fixtures and replaced the old tub with a larger garden style tub! We added tile around for the tub surround and used bead board to frame out the new tub. I came up with the tile design myself, I tried to have a hint of 50's to our design with the black checkers and the contrast of the white bead board.
Sorry this picture is a little out of focus, I didn't have time to re-take it. I used a variety of different tiles to create this surround. Thanks to the help of Mark's family, we were able to get all the tile in the bathroom done in just 2 days! After: 1/2 bathroom. Because the 1/2 bathroom is smaller, it was a little difficult to take a good picture, so here is a shot of me poking my head in the door and looking at the pedestal sink we added and new mirror. We also added the bead board in the 1/2 bath and we tiled the floor with Travertine to match the kitchen tile.
Here is what you would see if you opened the door of the 1/2 bathroom from the hallway. I used travertine here because it flows from the wood floor area just like the kitchen flows from the dining room. That way, I have travertine butted up next to wood floor, and it keeps a consistency in the home which, I think, ties the home together better.
I am glad you like the changes so far, I will keep posting more and more!


Rach said...

I love it, more and more and more...maybe I will just move back to Utah and live at your house! Give me more photos!! I love the finish look, that tile...WOWZERS, looks fabulous!

Adventures of Diana said...

Holy Cow Erin! Its a whole brand new house! Congrats--you guys did a great job! Now that your done, does that mean you can return my phone calls now?!???!

Nikki said...

I'm speechless.

Mariko said...

Are you a real person? Or do you just exist to make me look like a total idiot?
Nice message on Sarah's phone, by the way. :)

Shari said...

WOW! We can't wait to see it in person. It looks great. I always thought you had a great sense of style. I wish it would rub off on me.

Natalie. said...

OOH!! I am so excited for you Erin!!!!! I can't even begin to begin to think about doing anything like that ever in my life. I do however know how to put in a light bulb all by myself. . . so there!

It really is BEAUTIFUL!

And you're becoming quite the photographer as well! I'm so proud of you!! said...

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