Thursday, November 01, 2007

You, Me...the billard room *wink*

Happy Halloween! I hope your Halloween was as spooky and event filled as ours. Our day was packed with activities. Henry attended a fall/Halloween carnival for his preschool and then George had a party and a parade at his gradeschool. After running a few home remodeling errands, I was busy the rest of the day with spooky celebrations. I ran the boys around to their parties and then took them trick or treating before the Halloween party at the church. Our costumes weren't a family theme, but I still thought we did well. I picked up George's fireman costume, and Theodore's pumpkin costume at yard sales this summer for 2 dollars! I pulled Henry's costume together the night before after digging through my mom's fabric stash. Luckily, Henry had a pirate eye patch he had picked up at a party a month before. My costume was inspired by a friend who had mentioned that when she and her husband played Clue, they liked to dress up. That same day my friend mentioned that to me, my mom mentioned that she was going to dress up as Ms. Peacock for Halloween. So I jumped on the bandwagon and pulled together a Ms. Scarlett outfit. (And, if you have ever played a game with me or my sisters, you probably know that we fight for the red I was the ultimate red player for Halloween...I guess that makes me THE WINNER!!!) Mark couldn't go to the Halloween party because he was busy at our new home, but he did pop in for chili dinner, dressed as a construction worker!

My dad is Professor Plum, my mom is Mrs. Peacock and I am Mrs. Scarlett!

Here is Henry our Pirate! I made his vest and head cover. Henry just so happened to match his pirate teacher!

George walks to school everyday with the neighbor girl, Alaina. Notice how manly George is trying to be:)


Carterista said...

LOVE the Clue theme, Erin. I volunteer to be Mrs. White next year. :-)

Jason, Tiffany, and the Crew said...

You guys are so cute! I Love the pictures! By the way, Brother and Sister Calabio you two look great!Tiffany

Leslie said...

That's such a fun idea - the CLUE game. Next year I'm determined that we will be an awesome themed family! Even if I have to duct tape my kids into their assigned costumes.

Rach said...

Where did you get the fireman costume, i love it. The kids are so cute!! The progress looks great on the house. said...

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