Friday, November 02, 2007

Summerill Slam: Week 2

Once we finished the demolition, it seemed as if our work was slowing down; but, in reality, we were working longer and harder. Rebuilding seems to take a lot more time than I had hoped for. We are slowly plugging away at putting new sub-floor down and reframing the home. We had to add extra support along the areas that we took out walls. Mark framed those areas up with 2x6 beams. At least when we are finally finished our house will stand strong through anything.

Here is the new view from the front room. Mark put in the supporting beam and framed out the old cubby in the wall.Here is a view of the upstairs bathroom. We replaced the subfloor and framed the area for the tub.


Carterista said...

I am so excited about your house, Erin! When it's finished I think I'll come live with you for a while so I can soak it all in. Until then, I'll make sure I visit once in a while and help out when I can. Love Ya!

Nikki said...

Whoa. There's a lot of work coming your way. said...

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