Monday, October 22, 2007

Put Your Shoulder to the SledgeHammer!

This is the living room. WE were originally going to split this room into two rooms so there would be a front office. Because there is only that arched entry, we were going to make that the doorway to the office. The access to the rest of the room would have been through the wall where you see the built in cabinet. That wall was going to be knocked out and connected to the bedroom behind it. Then we would have had to knock out the wall to the bedroom. Since we started today, we decided that we would just leave the living room as it is and we would just open the entry way wider to add more flow to the floor plan. So in the first picture, the first 3-4 feet of the wall will be gone. We also pulled up the carpet and are looking into re-doing the wood floors. The floors are in pretty bad shape, so if we cant salvage them, we will put wood flooring in the entry, dining, hall and office and the living room will be carpeted.

Here is a view of the kitchen. We are putting all new cabinets and countertops. We are knocking out the wall behind the oven, extending the cabinets into the large dining and adding a peninsula. The fridge will move down closer towards the peninsula and the wall to the right will be knocked out and replaced with a wooden railing that will expose more light to the stairs.
here is another view of the kitchen. The cabinet to the close end of the picture is the one that will be knocked out and a railing put up instead of the wall that is there. Because of the extra kitchen space, an island will be placed in the kitchen.
Here is a view of the bathroom. The bathroom will have an entry from the side which will open to the master. The entry that you see will be an entry for a half bath. We will put up a wall to devide the two bathrooms and knock out the wall to the left to make room for the half bath.
Here is a view of the bathroom. The entry to the master bedroom will be where the towel rack is. Then next to the towl rack, we will knock out a part of the old master bedroom closet to make room for the new 1/2 bath.

So what do you think of our remodel. We started today and have ripped out the old flooring and the entry way closet to make more room into the living room. I will post pictures along the way so you can see our progress!


Carterista said...

Wow, Erin! Looks like you have a lot of work to do, but a good canvas to work on. What are those things on the livingroom ceiling?? you guys are awsome! Can't waitto see it progress and them see the finished product.

Carterista said...

Do you think I could have made a few more typos?!!!

Haley Hale said...

All I have to say is "WOW." I know you can do it! I have often times remarked to Aaron that I wish I hada fraction of "the vision" that you have. I am excited to see the progress!

Rach said...

so exciting!! I love to remodel...well kinda, but it looks like it will be fabulous when finished.

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you guys... not the work part, but the end result! It'll look great. said...

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