Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall is in the Air...I have been out shooting away.

Fall is in the air, and I have been out taking photos of friends and family that live in the Utah area. A good friend of mine from high school had me take her family fall photos for the year and here are a few of the great shots. If you feel like this is a good fit for you, please call me at (ha like I would really post my phone number on the net) well call me if you would like family photos right now because I am offering a great deal!!! For the low cost of ABSOLUTELY FREAKING FREE I will take over 100 photos of your family and give you a cd copy. This offer only lasts through November and then I am going to have to charge you an arm and a leg...hahaha just kidding...well not really...hahaha


A. said...

Do you travel? :P

i'm erin. said...

amy if we ever get out to California, I will definitely set up a day to take tons and tons of pictures of you guys.

Jason, Tiffany, and the Crew said...

Erin, you take amazing pictures...I think you could definitely make some moula with your skills. By the way Kami (I'm not sure if I spelled your name right!) your family is so beautiful! -Tiffany

Kami said...

Of course they're amazing pictures! Look who's in them... just the cutest family west of the Mississippi! :)

Thanks, Erin, you're the bomb!


Shayleen Lunt said...

It's always fun to see people from high school. What a cute family!

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