Friday, August 31, 2007

Photography by Erin

Busy as a Bee
Wing Spread
Flight of the Bumblebee
Good Eats
Good Eating

Here are some pictures I have taken over the last few weeks. The bee pictures were taken at BYU Provo, and the yummy food pictures were taken at our farewell party in Hawaii. The delicious scones were made by my fabulous baker friend Laurie, and the last picture is of a great girl named Adrian (sorry adrian, I couldn't resist putting the picture on my blog).

Photography Service:
If you are in the Utah County area, I am offering to take family portraits for a minimal fee of FREE! I would love to practice my photography on you and your family. I make no guarantees about quality, but I will take a minimum of 150 shots and you are sure to get a handful of excellent photos! I will provide you with a free cd of the shots, but if you want enlargments or framing, I will just charge you cost...typically about 20.00 for a framed lustre finish 11X14. Or 15.00 for a framed 8X10.

Call me, Email me or reply to this post and I will set up a time to shoot you!


Haley Hale said...

Sign us up! You promised us family pictures while we were in Hawaii, but since that didn't happen, I am expecting you to deliver NOW! We will comply with all your demands. And I might even throw in a little chocolate. Or Diet Pepsi.

Marcie said...

These look great, Erin! I love the "flight of the bumblebee" one- so cool!

kellieanne said...

Gosh! What a deal! Do they have to be family photos or can I get some "special" pics done? Carp just wants to know.

Unknown said...

Oohhh... Special pics. I think there is a good niche for you Erin! Maybe that can be part of our girls' night.

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