Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 1

Earlier this year I participated in a Biathlon; I am hooked! Eventhough there were parts of the race that I absolutely hated, I am hooked on the euphoric feeling that washes over you at the finish line. Since we have been so busy with our move, I have put the racing bug on the back burner, but now that we are now settled, I have been searching for a few races. The two that stand out the most to me are: the Viking Tri (a slightly less than sprint distance triathlon) on September 29th, and the Provo National Running Day 1/2 Marathon on November 1st. Mark agreed to train and race with me, so today we started a training program. Today was a running day. We had to run 25 minutes. Tomorrow we will bike for 20 minutes and run for 20 minutes. I am nervous, but I think if we stick to the training program we will do well, and when I say "well" I mean we will finish the race. If you live nearby and would like to be apart of our training, give me a call.

I will keep you updated on how our progress continues.


Marcie said...

Go, Summerills! I know the feeling you're talking about! I like shorter distances best, but one of my goals is to one day run a marathon- hopefully when that time comes, Mike will want to run it with me too!

Haley Hale said...

i am intrigued...i would possibly be interested in participating in the Provo 1/2 marathon...what are your training hours?

Nikki said...

AWESOME! I wish I were there to train with you. I would totally do it. Right now I'd really like to run a marathon. But I'm thinking I better start with a half-marathon.

Jerin said...

Where are you guys training? South valley/Sandy area? Good luck!

Haley Hale said...

No software, just a feature that my camera has. Seriously, when do you and Mark train? I need to start running again.

kellieanne said...

Do you remember Cyndi from the girls night you came too on one of your "surpise" visits months ago? (The visit that your baby was carjacked by Tammy) Cyndi just finished a triathalon and is excited to work on doing some more. She has me walking with her starting Wednesdays at 8:00 if you are interested.

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