Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hunter, the Hunted and the Hunt!

Two years ago, after an unfortunate layoff, Mark and I unanimously decided to give away our dog, sell our home, purge all our belongings and move 3000 miles away to a far away island in the middle of the pacific ocean. There we took shelter and created a new life for ourselves as Mark hunted an education in Manoa (UH). Daily Mark would travel across the rugged island landscape to the far off land of Manoa to perform educational feats of analytical studies and written synopses. Traveling sometimes up to three hours a day, being exhausted by his travels and studies, Mark was fervent in his pursuit to conquer the beast known best as MBA. MBA was reclusive and often taunted him with unimaginable leaps. But matching the beast step for step and never falling short to rise to meet the beast in the eye, Mark grew stronger. Daily he stalked the beast and as the beast grew weary, Mark narrowed in on the beast's lair. Then early on a clear sunny Sunday in the days of mid August, Mark walked with an air of accomplishment and capture as he approached MBA, and seized him as one would claim a deserved treasure. Victory was his and open for all who had internet connection or a ticket to Hawaii to behold. After 2 years in the land of Laie on an island in the middle of the ocean, Mark seized the victorious beast known as MBA!!!
After the graduation we walked out to the baseball stadium and loaded Mark up with Leis!
The boys were so excited to see their daddy graduate! Mark was the last in line for the Masters students to recieve his MBA so it gave extra time for our family and friends to yell for an extra long time. If you were watching via internet, you would have heard us yell "FREEDOM" and a slew of other cheerful taunts!
Here are the Summerill Men! One has recieved his MBA, three more to go...hehehe (or some other degree).
Henry, Klai, and Rykell were excellent cheerleaders for Daddy, and Uncle Mark! We are soooooo proud of Mark. The first of 13 kids in his family to graduate from University, and to return to school having 2 and then 3 children, Mark is really a great example to our little family. Now that this feat has been accomplished, we will be moving back to the motherland for Mark to continue his career as an investment/insurance broker at Regal Securities in Utah County. If you live out that way and you want to hang out, we will be there as of August 20!


Haley Hale said...

CONGRATULATIONS MARK! We will see you guys on Friday!

Unknown said...

Congrads!!! See you guys soon!


A. said...

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome! All that hard work has paid off. Congratulations Mark!

Leslie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I tried watching it online until I had to leave for church, so then I tried recording the rest to watch later. But I can't find it on my computer so I'm bummed I missed Mark's part. But congrats anyway!!! If we lived near you we seriously would have thrown you a huge party because we are so thrilled and proud of you. (So if you come up here for a visit we would!)We remember how hard it was when Troy was doing the same thing, except you guys had to go through so much more with moving and having a baby too. You rock Mark!

Marcie said...

You go, Mark! Congrats to you all. Erin, you should write a book! You are quite talented (among many other things) with writing. :)

Shayleen Lunt said...

Congrats - that is a huge feat. We are working on it ourselves (well, not the part where you have three kids in the end...at least I don't think so:) and so we can relate first hand that it's hard work!
Have a safe move and best wishes with getting set up again.

Jerin said...

Congrats Elder S! I hope to join you in your degree in a few years. We'll see you guys soon!

JayandCassandra said...

Definately one of my fav posts Erin. You're writing amazing and Mark's accomplishment fantastic!

kellieanne said...

Mark - You are the biggest hunk of a beast I know! No words could describe the relief I saw on Marks face the day after graduation. Thanks for allowing me to converge on your family celebration and for letting Erin play tour guide. Oh yeah, CONGRATS!!!!!

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