Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tuesday Book Update

Thank you so much for your book responses. I loved the feedback that was left in the messages for the last book blog. Like I said, reading with me is feast or famine. So inevitibalyI was drawn to read the final two books in the "Uglies" series, plus the book, "Twilight" that I had put a hold on at the library finally came in. After reading "Twilight" I had to read the second book in that series, so I read that one too. Here is my take on the book for this week:

1. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld: This is the second book in the "Uglies" trilogy and it left me reeling for more. I was pleased that the author stayed true to the personality of the character that he had developed in the first novel, and added some unique twists on the ever anxiety building plotline. The only dissappointment I felt was that the end had no closure...thus this book is truly a "second" in a just was a link to the finale. If you liked "Uglies" this book is a definite read, but I still only ranked it 3.5 out of 5.

2. Specials by Scott Westerfeld: I don't really want to give away the ending of the "Uglies" trilogy, but I was distraught with the series end. I felt this book led the reader in 20 new directions without giving the base of the store a clear conclusion. Please let me know if you disagree, because I am prone to liking the simple ending over the I don't want to lead too many readers astray with my rating. I did not like the ending! 2.5 out of 5

3. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer: To be honest, I read the back of this novel and I clearly was not interested in reading it; but, I had promised a close friend that I would, so I dove in! Let me say, I was so glad that I continued to read past page 40. Up until page 40 my interest was not sparked, but moving deeper into the simple yet heart wrenching plot my interest was my interest was on fire! I absolutely loved this story. Yes, this book is about a vampire (I know, sounds kookey) but I promise, by the time you are half way into the book, you will not be able to put it down. I love this book because it takes a supernatural relationship and breaks it down to a pure, yet simple love story that will leave you wanting much more! This book was on the New York Times best seller list and it is definitely my read of the week! 4.5 out of 5

4. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer: This book is the second book in what I am guessing will be a trilogy. There hasn't been a third book published yet, but from the open ending of this novel, I am sure there will be a third. If I was comparing seconds, I enjoyed this second book much more than I did of the "Uglies" series. This second book could stand on its own...aside from a few loose ends that are clearly ties to a third. I enjoyed this book because it took the series from a simple growing love story, to a complex weave of friendships, personal struggles, dealing with inner feelings and the choice between right and wrong...once right and wrong can be defined. I absolutely enjoyed this sequel! 4 out of 5

That is all the reading for this week, if you have read any of these books or you read any from my previous book post, please leave comments in the message board! I love to hear what you have to say about the books. And to all of you who responded about Ender's Game, I was wondering if you read the sequel? If you have, could you please message or email me info about it.


Anonymous said...

Erin--glad you liked Twilight and New Moon. I am in the middle of Enders Game while I wait for the other books you recommended at the library. The Twilight series will have at least four books with number three coming out this fall. Of course someone has purchased the movie rights to Twilight, hope they don't make a mess of it! I don't have the heart to tell Jason that the only thing keeping him from being the perfect man is the fact that he doesn't sparkle like a diamond in the sunlight!!!

Anonymous said...


The whole Ender series (The next one is Speaker for the Dead) is excellent, I highly recommend it. You should also know about the Shadow series. Ender's Shadow is the first one (it is a novel that follows another Ender's Game character, Bean, through the same story) The Shadow series is a lot more military - it concerns the immediate aftermath of Ender's Game.

The next Ender book takes place 1000 years from the end of Ender's Game, by the way, and Ender is a little more grown up.

btw, there is supposed to be a movie of Ender's Game coming out in 2008! I'm pretty excited for this.


Anonymous said...

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie was pretty popular among this group here.


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