Sunday, January 28, 2007

Here comes the Tooth Fairy!!!

Yesterday, George ran into my bedroom at 6:55 am insisting that I wake up immediately. Mark covered himself with blankets and pretended that he could not hear him, so I rolled over and tried to be a nice Mommy, asking him what exactly he needed. He opened his mouth wide and tried to explain that his loose tooth was now hanging by a thread. Now anyone who knows George knows that he is quite the "sensitive" kid. He does not like getting hurt and definitely shys away from any situation that my injure him. With an inquisitive look, I simply asked, "ohh, can I feel it George?" I stealthily shot forth my hand into his mouth, seized the tooth, twisted and yanked. Plop! Out came George's first baby tooth. When this happened, George gave me a shocked, I don't know exactly how to respond to what just happened, look; but I just brought up the fact that the tooth fairy would be coming his way pretty soon. That took George's mind right off of his throbbing gum line! Here are a few pictures of George with his missing tooth!


Anonymous said...

That's evil. PURE evil. I'll never forget the time when April Bearwalt's (spelling?) grandmother yanked my tooth out when she was just going to have a look. I thought she was pure evil too.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I totally pictured you yanking the tooth right out. I'm glad George is ok. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like me with my son. I am waiting for our youngest to loose her first. Congrat's George :)

Pop said...

Tell George he was brave to show you that dangling tooth. I hope the tooth fairy was generous. That is traumatic. And like Nikki said, that Baerwalt Grandmother was pure evil.

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