Thursday, November 30, 2006

George's Grand Christmas Concert

On Wednesday night we attended the BYU-H tree lighting ceremony which started with the Annual Elementary School Christmas Concert. Each grade level preformed a song with dancers and movements. Then all the grades joined together and presented a final number. In our little town that we live in, this Christmas concert is a big deal. Families and friends show up 1 hour before the concert just to reserve a seat in the Center. The concert is held in the CAC, which is the BYU-H large basketball center. I was shocked that the entire center was packed! George's class preformed an upbeat song about Blitzen the reindeer...I'm sorry I don't know the name. Here is George sitting with his classmates waiting for their time to take the mainstage and preform.


Pop said...

I heard George did a great job. We're proud of him. What lots of fun with having the local community participate that way. Can't wait to see him and his brothers in a couple of weeks.

Leslie said...

He looks so cute with his reindeers on. I can't believe that whole place was packed!

A. said...

Oh how exciting! Was he nervous or does he have that outgoing personality like you? Looks so fun!

Nikki said...

What a cute reindeer!

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