Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day BBQ

If you live in Hawaii, you probably came over to my house today to go to the beach. The weather was perfect, only a few clouds in the sky and the waves were starting to get big enough to ride. Since we moved in a week ago, I decided to invite friends and family over for a Labor day BBQ. Mark and I woke up early and organized the house and the back yard so there would be towels and a place for people to wipe their feet off. The great thing about this house is there is an outside shower so sand doesn't get tracked into the house. Quite a few people showed up and we had a great pot luck BBQ. We started around noon and there were people here until six! George and I just got a little tan, while Mark and Henry were a little pink by the end of the day". I spent most of the time floating around in the waves. While Mark took a break from the beach to play ball with George and Henry. Sorry I forgot to pull out the camera, but I hope your Labor day was great too!