Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bumps and Bruises...and BrOKeN bOnES!!!

Did I tell you that I recieved the Mother of the Year award? hahahaha...well Today for sure I was placed in the running for it. About 3:00 this afternoon, Henry was running around the house wildly, playing chase with George, and George's friend David. Henry decided to take a flying leap off the landing from the entry way into the living room. Although the drop is only about 3 1/2 to 4 feet, Henry landed awkwardly and then rolled onto his arm.
I knew instantly that he was hurt because he let out a whimpering, moaning cry...(not one I have heard very often in his lifetime). But his injury combinded with his not having a nap today, turned him into a crying, sobbing, whining boy. I tried to find out where he hurt for about 30 minutes, but he refused to tell me, so I just sat him on the couch and let him watch a show...which he then told me he was bored and blamed me for his ultimate boredom. At this point I figured He had just bumped himself too hard and he was over it. Henry was back to his "No Nap" self. So I sent him off to his room to get a book or a toy.
20 minutes later I realized that he hadn't come back from his room and so I went to check on him. I found him laying on his bed fast asleep. Well my suspicion was confirmed, he was only tired and only mildly hurt from his fall.
After he took a 2 hour nap he came and found me in the living room. Although the tears were gone, I noticed that he wouldn't use his left arm. At this point I felt my take him to the ER.
Once we arrived at the ER, I explained to the doctor that he wouldn't use his arm at all and he was in pain. But to my surprise, when the doctor asked to move his hand around, wave, touch his nose, turn his arm from side to side, he did it all without hesitation. At this point I felt embarssed that I had probably overreacted by bringing him into the ER. But, as I contemplated just apologizing for the false alarm, and sweeping him out of the ER, the doctor lightly pinched the sides of his arm. When the doctor touched a small spot an inch below his wrist, Henry shook and burst into tears again. 30 minutes, and 4 x-rays later, the doctor confirmed that Henry broke his RADUIS clean in half! I couldn't believe it...but I guess from now on I need to listen to my boys a little more.

(Here is sad Henry, recounting where he jumped from and where he hurt his arm)


Leslie said...

How sad! Now if you would keep your boys in kennels like I do with my kids, this never would have happened! Ha ha ha - just kidding. He's just a boy is all. They have to be crazy and run all over the house don't they?

Shayleen Lunt said...

He's still a very handsome dude! Cast and all!

Nikki said...

Sweet little Henry! Hugs and kisses from Auntie Nikki. Poor guy. Ya, you're Momma used to beat me up too. Haha! Get better soon Henry-hippo.

JayandCassandra said...

Hey there Superman!!! My new name for Henry is SUPERMAN! Henry's tolerance for pain is through the roof!!!! Dude is one tough cookie. Trust me I know, I've broken more than a few bones in my day. Eat lots of ice cream and candy (that helps) hahaha Love you guys and miss you too. Jay and Cassandra

Troy said...

I had a couple fun comments to post, but in true brotherly wisdom, I held myself back. That's too bad for Henry as I'm sure that will slow him down at the beach!

A. said...

Wow! How he could have such an intense injury and not be screaming is beyond me. Oh God's comfort runs deep...
I'd say I don't know this side of kids having girls, but my oldest jumps off stuff too and runs wildly. I now see my future. lol

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