Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Curious George Goes to School!!!

The night before George's first day at kindergarten, he could hardly sleep! He had talked about what kindergarten would be like, a day full of games, playing and making new friends. I was pretty confident that George would walk into his kindergarten classroom and find immediate friends without even saying goodbye to me. Unfortunately things didnt happen that way.
George walked right up to Mrs. Siazon's kindergarten classroom and then stopped dead in his tracks. He froze like a little otter pop. The fear of a new situation gripped him and Mark and I had to coax him into the room. (Henry had no problem walking right in and looking around at all the colorful toys and pictures) George's shy side emerged as the teacher talked to him and tried to introduce him to other kids.
Mark decided to leave to make the transition go smoother, but that only caused a waterfall of tears...first from George then from me. (I couldn't believe that I started to cry, I was so embarassed that I had to hide it...its all those pregnancy hormones). It took about 30 minutes until George felt comfortable enough that I could leave. He was partnered up with another little 5 year old that wasn't having quite as hard of a time.
AT the end of the day, George decided that he did like Kindergarten. He got to eat in the lunch room and he made some new friends.


Pop said...

Oh how touching. George looks like a local in the pictures. I'm glad he is enjoying his class. Tell him we're proud of him.

Shayleen Lunt said...

I would cry whether I was pregnant or not:) I do completely understand the pregnancy hormone thing though. Right now, my excuse is the post partum hormone imbalance:)

Leslie said...

I can't believe he is a big K student already!I'd cry too so don't feel bad.

Marcie said...

I can't believe how big George is! I'm sure I'll cry when Gavin starts Kindergarten.

aisyahputrisetiawan said...

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