Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just to Let you Know...

(Please read the following in a cheap Scottish/Irish, American trying to be funny, accent)

There be a baby in my belly
and I don't like eatin' jelly
I am startin to feel niele (Knee-ell-e) (old)
There be a baby in my belly

Like a dog I be sick tonight
I'm feelin' weathered with all me might
So I sit and this poem I write
Like a dog I be sick tonight

The baby best be comin' out a girl (girrrrlllll)
And I won't be namin her pearl
Right now to the toilet I will hurl
The baby best be comin' out a girl (girrllll)


Johnson Journal said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love your poem. I'm happy for you....not about the hurling part, but I do hope you get your girl! If it works out that way, you'll have to let me in on the secret! I love ya!


Shayleen Lunt said...

I had to click over and see Bobbi's comment before I came to any conclusion of what exactly that poem meant! Woohoo! I must say, I'm excited to have a boy this summer, but I love my little girl! Oooh, and she's got two big brothers to watch out for her as she grows up! Perfect!

tammy said...

I chose to read this delightful poem in more of a pirate-inspired accent which made it quite entertaining!

here is an optional stanza:

If the baby a boy will be
you can still name him after me
although he might then be thought a sissy (emphasis on the second syllable)
if the baby a boy will be

i'm erin. said...

tammy...I peed my pants laughing..that is hilarious

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