Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I just finished a great book!

I just finished Eragon and Eldest. If any of you have not read these two books, I suggest that you run as quick as you can to your car, get in your car, start it, drive to the nearest book store, purchase the books, drive home quickly, get snuggled in bed and begin reading. I had my students complete book report projects last term and one of my students completed a project on these two books. They are two books in a trilogy...the third book has not yet come out, but is expected to come out this fall.

The student in my class let me borrow the books and I read both over the weekend. These are the type of books that you just cant put down. REALLY!!! After reading Harry Potter I thought my world was caving in because there were no other books out there that intrigued and delighted me so...but I was wrong. Don't worry, I have not renounced my leadership in the Harry Potter Religion (Just Kidding) but I was enthralled with these books. You must read them and then reply to my blog! READ READ READ READ ERAGON READ READ READ READ!


Peggy said...

Oh, my gosh! Those are my two favorite books, too! I have been DYING lately just waiting for the third to come out. Can you believe he wrote Eragon when he was so young? It's amazing. Also, did you know they are making a movie of Eragon? It will be out THIS YEAR!! And, since you belong to the Harry Potter religion, you might be interested to know that the only movie that rivaled the worldwide casting search that they made to find the character Eragon, was trying to find the character Harry Potter! I'm so glad you read them! I told Tammy about them when I first read them (I also told you, but you didn't seem to care then :( hee hee), and she loved them too. I know her daughter and Kristen's daughter read them too.

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