Friday, March 03, 2006

long time no talk eh....

Hey, I just wanted to write and let everyone know that we are still here and alive in Hawaii. Eventhough the entire side of the island has been flooded, we are still alive and well. We weren't able to do much because the rain was pouring down like sheets of water. At BYU-H the field was so deep of water that it was waist deep in some areas. A few locals pulled out a kayak and used that as transportation. In many areas along this side of the island, the constant rains made the ground too soft. As the flood water ran out to the ocean, it took down a few homes and caused a few small landslides.

Luckily, my mom is visiting for the month of March, and we spent yesterday cleaning out my sister's store and playing need to ask who won...but just to rub it was me, by a "landslide"!!!

George and Henry are now staying at home everyday with my mom and she is teaching them school lessons in numbers, letters and keeping their room neat and tidy.

Mark has been busier than ever as he works all day long and then attends U of H in the evening. We almost never see him, but I know he is there because there is a dish in the sink in the morning, and the lunch food I packed the night before is gone.

That is pretty much the excitement we are having here. Talk to you later!


Nikki said...

I'm glad you updated your blog! I bet George and Henry will have lots of fun with their Grandma. I can't believe how much rain you guys got in such a short time! It's snowing here and only 3 degrees right now. Cute pic of Henry!

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