Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Scrapbooking and the Sickies

Well, I have been bogged down with school lately. Everytime January hits, kids loose their motivation for school, not that many of them even had it, but as a teacher I have to work extra hard to get kids motivated and interested in what I am teaching. So lately I have been grumpy a lot because of some of the stinkers I have to deal with at school and I have been wanting to play a little hookie myself.
Remember the old phrase, be careful what you ask for. On Sunday night I sat in my grumpy, I have to go back to school tomorrow, mood when Henry, who just ate a whole bowl of chili with cheese and tortilla chips, suddenly announced, "momma, I don't feel good." I unwisely told him to just go get changed for bed. Within seconds Henry was in his bedroom puking all over his cream colored carpet. Mark ran in first (hahaha) and sent Henry towards the bathroom. I ushered Henry over to the bathtub and tried to soothe him as he threw up 4 more times! After his episode was over, I cleaned him up and gave him some water (Bad Mistake).
After drinking the water, Henry didn't make it to the bathroom, he lost all the water and the few chunks that were left in his stomach, all over the hallway. Mark and I spent the rest of Sunday evening cleaning puke from the bedroom, bathroom and hallway.

We put the boys to bed and laid down for the evening, when we heard crying again. Henry had thrown up all over his bed! So everyone was up again and we were back to cleaning.
The next day, Henry was in better spirits, but because of the late night, he took a really long nap. So long, that he didn't even notice that he had wet his bed. So for the second time, I removed his sheets and took them down to the laundry. While Henry was peeing the bed, George had suddenly took a turn for the worse and puked all over the hall (in the exact same spot Henry had thrown up). George then went to the tub and finished off there.
Needless to say, I had to take Monday and Tuesday off of work to do endless amounts of puke cleaning, pee cleaning and laundry! (but in the end, I did have time to scrapbook a page of George)


Shayleen Lunt said...

Yuck! That sounds like no fun. I seriously don't know how you keep up with it all. If I had scrapbooking to add to my list (which is quite short in comparison, I'm sure) I would surely go insane!
ps Regarding Olivia's cast...she was born with hip dysplasia and wore several different casts through a 5 month period and then wore a brace for another 7 months. She just has regular check ups with the orthopedic surgeon now and everything seems good so far! I hope all those fun diaper changes (hole in the bottom of the cast) and sponge baths were worth it! We'll know in a few years.

Troy said...

Sounds kind of like a time when you mocked me! Remember when Christian threw up all over me on the airplane, then when he was sleeping on me he peed on me so when we got to Hawaii I smelled so sweet? Reading your story simply brought a smile to my face. Of course, though, it is sad to hear that the boys were sick. I hope they feel better now.

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