Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tutu Calabio

We flew to Kona, on the Big Island (Hawaii) a few days before Thanksgiving. While there we stayed with my Uncle Aley and Auntie Danelle Auna. My grandma, who has poor health lives with my Uncle. Kona is a really dry area and much different from the rest of Hawaii. We enjoyed our time there. While visiting the Big Island, we were able to take lots of pictures of family, and see the island. The boys warmed up to Grandma (TuTu) Calabio right away. She really enjoyed her time with them. The weekend was a great time to catch up on stories from my grandma's life and for the boys to meet their great grandma.


Nikki said...

You guys look so good there with the tropical sun. And George and Henry are so cute! Grandma wrote me a letter saying how much she enjoyed Thanksgiving with you and how she'll miss George and Henry.

Leslie said...

Cute photos! But tell me again - who's that blond boy with you? Ha ha, just kidding.

JayandCassandra said...

These pictures are great!

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