Friday, December 23, 2005

A Santa Story

Henry and I arrived in Utah last week Saturday and then Mark and George arrived on Monday. The weather is much colder here than in Hawaii, but we enjoy spending the holidays with our families.
This week we went to the mall to visit Santa. On the way to visit santa, we stopped at a store with my mom. George had a great time looking around the store and picking out treats that he would like. One of the treats he found was a plastic farm animal that you fill up with candy and then wind up. After you wind up the toy, it will walk and drop out candies. George was emphatic that he buy that toy, but I explained to him that this is the season of giving and not the season of buying everything for yourself. So George sadly left the store and we decided to cheer him up by letting him visit santa.
George and Henry waited patiently in line to visit santa and when it was their turn, they weren't shy at all. They climbed right up on santa's lap. Santa asked George what he wanted for Christmas and George replied, "Chicken Poop!" Santa's face looked really confused and he asked George again what he wanted for Christmas. George replied again, "I want Chicken Poop." Well Mark could see that santa was utterly confused and Mark explained to santa that George meant the Chicken toy that poops out candy as it walks. Obviously that is not a toy that santa makes at his shop.


Dakrat said...

Wow. They make just about everything these days. It’s a tad bit gross though – I mean what if someone put raisinettes in the thing? What’s next? The talking deer head, only with a taffy tongue so you can pull it out and eat it after you’re sick of all the jabbering? Speaking of eating tongue, in the moment it’s hard not to think that the tongue you are chewing on might just taste you back. I figure that’s why Santa doesn’t put tongue in stockings anymore – too many freaked out kids. Yep, candy canes are definitely a safer bet … that is, until you suck the end to a fine point and accidentally stab your tongue (hey, how’d I get back to that subject?). But I digress. I hope George didn’t just give Santa a new idea for naughty kids. Chicken poop may be cheaper than coal, but it’s a lot harder to get out of the stocking.

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