Friday, December 23, 2005

Deer Hunting at KMart

If you have been to KMart lately you might have noticed the mounted deer head for sale for the ridiculus price of 89 dollars! True to Christmas consumer form, this deer has no other purpose but to amuse its owner. The large wall mounted deer head resembles a trophy deer head that you might see in an avid hunter's home, but this deer is special. It is rigged with a motion sensor and as you walk by it will say cute one liner comments or sing a variety of Christmas and Country songs.
I had gone to KMart with a few friends, and one of my friends was taken back in disgust when she saw the talking deer head. Well I noticed a microphone next to the dear and a switch on the dear that indicated Mic. I switched the deer to microphone and taunted my friend by talking through the microphone. (The deer's mouth moved as I talked through the microphone, and my words were blasted through that area of the store.) I said over the microphone, "Hey Aubrie, do you want a BUCK?" and then I laughed really hard.
Well to my good fortune some young kids came by and saw the dear talking (I was hiding down the isle). The deer noticed the kids and said Hello to them. A boy about the age of 10 said his name to the deer, but the deer couldn't quite hear his name and did not respond. So the boy thought he would be cheeky and say, "Hey you idiot deer, cant you even say the name Braden?" Well the deer quickly responded, "Hey Braden, it looks like your the idiot because you are the one talking to a dead deer!" (I was about peeing my pants because by this point I was in hysterics.) The shocked boy ran to his mother and said, "Mom that deer called me an idiot and said my name!" I was laughing so hard, I could hardly breath. I suppose that talking deer could be worth the 89 dollars it cost.


Dakrat said...

If you don't sleep for a few days than anything dead or inanimate will talk to you for free!

Leslie said...

Kmart is going to find this blog of yours and find out who has been stalking their customers with the deer head!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Sounds like a fun FHE activity:) Wonder if they have them in the Georgia Kmarts.

davebenson0360 said...

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JayandCassandra said...

Erin you have to be the only person I know who could have so much fun with a dead deer head. I can just see you laughing so hard you can't stand straight! Hope your vacation was fun.

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