Sunday, October 23, 2005

Walking Among Giants

This Sunday, Mark, George, Henry and I attended our stake/regional conference. We had the opportunity to hear talks from Elder Robert D. Hales and his wife, and President Monson and his wife. We were reminded to continue to read the Book of Mormon and be faithful. Elder Monson's talk was more relaxed than his usual demeanor seen in his General Conference talks. Our family enjoyed conference and the Spirit that was present. Over the last week or so, I had been struggling with some personal trails. I really felt that I had some prayers answered in the council that was given in conference. As conference ended, the congregation stood and sung, "Aloha Oe". We wanted to go and say hello to the General Authorities, however, there were too many people around so we left.
We went home, ate lunch and took a nap. I woke up from my nap and decided that today would be a great day to take pictures at the temple. We grabbed the camera and rushed over to the temple. I hurried quickly to the front of the temple grounds because the sun was going down. As I stood and took pictures I noticed a few people talking excitedly. I looked over and realized that President Monson was visiting the temple. We were able to speak with him, and hear him tell stories about when he was a mission president. He told George that he would be a future missionary and he gave Mark and Henry a High-Five!!!

What a great experience.


Leslie said...

Wow - that is so cool that you were able to visit with President Monson in person! He is so amazing! You should totally scrapbook that.

aisyahputrisetiawan said...

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